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Icari is gonna cry
Base Stats
Classification Civilian liner
Affiliation Solar Alliance
HP 800
Energy 100
Armor 8
Evasion 0
Move cost 50

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The Agamemnon is a civilian liner that the Alliance diplomats use to escape Vertsa. It either escapes to Alliance space or is destroyed by PACT forces based on the choice made by Captain Shields during the conversation with Icari Isidolde in his office.


The Agamemnon is used to get the Alliance diplomats off-world as the diplomats are suspiciously not allowed to board vessel belonging to a foreign power. It is later revealed, regardless of the ship's fate, that the diplomats had also taken on 600 children at the behest of their parents. The ship itself is sluggish and weakly defended, dying in three shots on even the easiest difficulty and almost instantly on the hardest. The perfect target for the sacrificial ship it was supposed to be, or was.

It is unknown if this ship is also used to return the children to Versta during the Sunrider: Liberation Day side mission.

Notable Quotes[]

Agamemnon shares voice actors with Mochi and the Mining Union freighter(Liberation Day Only).

  • "Bweep."

  • "Bloop."