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Prototype 4L1C3 - "Alice"
"Humanity will find no salvation from us."
Swords, scars and slicked-back hair - how much more "I'm the villain" do you want me to be?
Gender Female
Nationality Diode
Occupation PACT Veniczar
Rank Veniczar, "sucessor" to Arcadius
Family Prototypes (genetically identical "sisters")

Prototype 4L1C3, known as Alice, is a character in Sunrider: Liberation Day and a main character in Sunrider: Veniczar.

Enigmatic, serious and driven, Alice was the first Prototype who the original Arcadius allowed into PACT's ranks after she ended up stranded in PACT space escaping from Diode during the events of the Diode Catastrophe, six years prior to the Alliance-PACT War. She identified herself as being the Prototype who was responsible for taking up Arcadius' name, yet also denotes that she was simply the "last" person to claim it, showing she does not consider the other Prototypes who serve as "Arcadius" to be more then extensions of herself. Alice is also unique in, unlike her "sibling" Lynn, Alice's designations are comprised of five letters/numbers instead of four, signifying she may be from a unique, altered or superior line of the Prototypes.


Unlike most of the Prototypes, her physical appearance is different from her "sisters" and done so of her own free will. Unlike the near-identical, uniformly-produced Prototypes, Alice keeps her hair swept up and slicked back instead of letting it fall freely, and her face has a pair of rather prominent scars - one at the left hemisphere of her skull near her hairline and the other stemming from her right jaw up to the bridge of her nose, looking overall like a larger injury that did not connect all the way with her face when leaving it's mark. Another difference is that, whereas many of the Prototypes have sapphire-blue eyes, Alice's seem to be almost blue-grey.

As opposed to the crisp suit, red shirt, ascot and iconic mask worn by her fellows, Alice dresses in a captain-like, if not count-like attire consisting of dress pants, a high-collared military coat with maroon-red cuffs, gold embroidery and vertical stripes stemming from the shoulders, kept tied by maroon-red fabric fasteners instead of buttons. A naval pauldron rests on her left shoulder atop the fastener for a short cape and a red trident-like badge is clipped to her left breastbone. She also wears black gloves, an orange-gold ascot with a gold-inlaid ruby fastener and a red belt with an ornately-designed rapier-style fencing sword at her hip.