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Alliance Carrier
Mama bear ship
Base Stats
Classification Carrier
Affiliation Solar Alliance
HP 3300
Energy 100
Armor 18
Evasion -40
Move cost 50
Shield strength / range 50 / 2
Flak strength / range 40 / 1
Missiles 0
Kill reward $500

The ship, called a carrier in the game, is in fact a carrying dreadnought armed with a larger number of guns than the Machiavelli-class battleship. This is the heaviest and most armored ship of the Alliance which can be seen in the game, and of course the slowest. It is also the only Alliance combat ship seen in the game to be natively shielded.

One named carrier appears in Liberation Day, the Sutherland.[1]


The "carrier" can pulverize most battleships in a close-range fight, but has no long-range offensive capability beyond its ryder wing. It can also repair nearby friendly ryders.


The behemoth Alliance carrier has been retrofitted to mount enough deck guns to simultaneously challenge entire fleets. Approaching this titan with capital ships is highly inadvisable.

With four shots per volley and a surprisingly good accuracy, the ship can be confident of hitting something most of the time. Just don't expect to fire after moving.

  • damage: 400 x 4
  • energy cost: 60 EN
  • base accuracy: 75


The vessel's flak cannons can be used offensively against enemy targets and are particularly devastating against poorly armored enemy ryders. Its high shot count makes it a very reliable damage dealer even against highly evasive targets. Any armor though is likely to negate most damage.

  • damage: 25 x 20
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 70


Restores 400 HP to an adjacent ryder (not a ship).

  • Heals: 400 x 1
  • energy cost: 40 EN


  1. Sunrider: Liberation Day mission 6