Sunrider Wiki
Alliance Cruiser
M4 Sherman IN SPACE!
Base Stats
Classification Battlecruiser
Affiliation Solar Alliance
HP 1200
Energy 100
Armor 12
Evasion 0
Move cost 30
Flak strength / range 30 / 2
Missiles 1
Hire cost $2000
Kill reward $200

The ship that forms the backbone of the Alliance. Designated by the Alliance as a battlecruiser, both PACT and Neutral Rim space forces (and even the Alliance's military forces unofficially) simply refer to them as cruisers. Its formal name it is shown with its armament, which is only comparable to that of a Battleship, and its sturdier frame compared to a regular cruiser. It's a relatively old design, having been in service with the Alliance at least several years, and it shows with its lack of any shielding technology. This together with its fairly inferior armour are its only shortcomings when compared to its main enemy, the PACT Cruiser. In general, the Cruiser's superior kinetic and missile capabilities together with its more sturdy frame almost assure the Alliance Cruiser a victory in a one-versus-one fight with its PACT counterpart. Large scale battles are not so simple, but this ship still remains as the first line of defence of the Alliance against PACT.


As a battlecruiser, it has weapons as varied and powerful as any other battleship such as the Sunrider. The only exception is its lack of rockets, but otherwise its offensive capabilities are excellent for its size. In Liberation Day the weapons become even more damaging.


Allow for accurate fire from a great distance but has the lowest damage potential of all the main weapons. This weapon is countered by shielding.

  • damage: 200 x 1 (250 x 1 in LD)
  • energy cost: 70 EN
  • base accuracy: 120


The main forward guns, they do massive damage against any target it hits, but have the lowest accuracy of its main weapons. Its main use is against low evasion targets like enemy cruisers and stations and targets with high defences. An improved weapon in comparison to other battleships.

  • damage: 400 x 1 (425 x 1 in LD)
  • energy cost: 60 EN
  • base accuracy: 75


The missile banks are a fearsome long range weapon useful in doing good reliable damage even against distant enemy units. Stocks are very limited however, so it's best to keep them for when they'll be most useful. This banks focus more on a few more potent and accurate missiles than the massive volleys of PACT. In Liberation Day the missiles got upgraded and now carry 8 missiles in one volley instead of 5.Beware enemy Flak!

  • damage: 70 x 5 (70 x 8 in LD)
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 100


The flak cannons can be used offensively against enemy targets and are particularly devastating against poorly armored enemy ryders. Its high shot count makes it a very reliable damage dealer even against highly evasive targets. Any armor though is likely to negate most damage. The flak of the sip is only comparable to that of a cruiser, so it it has a lower shot count compared to Battleships or close combat ryders.

  • damage: 12 x 15 (14 x 15 in LD)
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 70

Notable Quotes[]


  • "Alliance cruiser here."
  • "Reporting for duty."


  • "All Hands Brace For Combat!"
  • "Firing Weapons!"
  • "Open Fire!"
  • "Weapons free!"


  • "We're taking fire!"
  • "Hull breaches reported!"
  • "Reroute emergency power!"


  • "Abandon ship!"


  • "Yes sir!"