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Alliance Support Cruiser
You can stay under my umbrella
Base Stats
Classification Support Cruiser
Affiliation Solar Alliance
HP 1100
Energy 100
Armor 8
Evasion 0
Move cost 30
Shield strength / range 40 / 2
Kill reward $100

The main warships of the Solar Alliance have the old design, which does not include energy protection, and to match the fleet to the conditions of modern war it became necessary to create an additional unit that could shield the rest of the ships. Support cruisers were created for this purpose. These ships have shields more powerful than shields of mass PACT ships, such as the battleship, but the number of support ships is not so large. Also, the concentration of defensive force in several ships per fleet makes these ships vulnerable to attack by ryders or missiles, so these ships need to be placed as far from the main forces as the radius of the shield allows.

The support cruiser is purely passive and has no weapons or active abilities.