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Asaga Oakrun
"It's an ADVENTURE!!"
As high on sugar as ever .__.
Original character Asaga Oakrun
Gender Female
Nationality Cera
Occupation Sunrider Academy student
Rank Junior, Kendo Club captain
Family Jay Oakrun (father)
Bas Cullen (fiancé)
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Asaga Oakrun is a companion character in Sunrider Academy. She is based on the character of the same name from the main series.

The class clown and captain of the Sunrider Academy's kendo club, Asaga's inability to take her role or her studies seriously leads to all manner of difficulties and hijinks for the club and the school administration. Her club gets listed as a problem club after she fails to collect any dues for three years and ends up with a debt of over 600 credits to the student council ("Y-you could buy a nuclear warhead for that amount!!!"). As the new club manager, Kayto Shields must help her get the club back on track.

Compared to her counterpart in the main Sunrider VN, the Academy version of Asaga is far more crass and brash. She is also much less subtle and has little to no sense of decency as she often spouts rather foul language - to the point that even the normally-tolerant Kayto remarks that he wishes he could do something about her mouthing off - and even goes as far as to occasionally masturbate in the school library when she believes she is alone. She is also far more blatant than the Asaga from the main timeline, from insensitively throwing crude jokes or on-the-nose innuendos to outright asking about people's sexual preferences. She is also much more laid-back than the mainstream Asaga, as she regards most typically embarrassing or serious situations with humor or nonchalance - even walking around town without any underwear on under her skirt doesn't panic her during her route in the game. She also has something of a siscon complex as she easily becomes enamored by Kayto's cute little sister and tackles her to the ground to play with her like she's an oversized toy doll.

However, in spite of the differences, the Academy Asaga does still hold many similarities to the main series' Asaga - she is hyperactive, easily humored, generally relaxed, has a "macho" personality and a notable disregard for strict rules or regulations. She still loves games and enjoys having fun, prefers taking action over debating a path, tends to jump into situations based on what her heart tells her rather than her head, always goes the extra mile for her friends and develops feelings for Kayto very early on. She is also immensely skilled in Ryder piloting, represented in how she is almost supernaturally good at the Ryder-simulators in the Cera City arcades and can be deceptively clever when it comes to getting back at others or planning something out. She also, like her counterpart, befriended Chigara Lynn Ashada and is considered one of Ava Crescentia's perpetual headaches.