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Ava Crescentia
"What are you doing!?"
Student council dictator and paperwork fetishist
Original character Ava Crescentia
Gender Female
Nationality Cera
Occupation Sunrider Academy student
Rank Senior
Student Council president
Family Ava's Father

Ava Crescentia' is a companion character in Sunrider Academy. She is based on the character of the same name from the main series.

Ava is the harsh president of the Student Council at Sunrider Academy. A real stickler for even the most seemingly ridiculous rules (particularly on paperwork), she demands 100% commitment from her subordinates and regards those who fail to meet this exacting standard with contempt. Though she is motivated by a desire to make the school a better place, her harsh methods make her extremely unpopular among the students and the rest of the council. About the only person who can put up with her is her vice-president and childhood friend, Kayto Shields.

Compared to her mainstream counterpart, the Academy Ava is ironically the one who, relatively, is the most unchanged among the characters - she is still stern, pragmatic, subdued on matters of humor, demands nothing but excellence and has a short tolerance for frivolity - and like the younger Ava shown in flashbacks during the original Sunrider game, the Academy Ava is a bit less jaded than her military counterpart.

However, one notable difference is that the Academy Ava is far more prone to outbursts of anger or frustration in the wake of repeated strains or failures. The most notable example being when Ava confronted the Kendo-Club Captain Asaga Oakrun on complaints about the latter's crass nature and, after being lightheartedly brushed off, proceeded to verbally repeat a transcript of the Asaga's foul language at the top of her lungs in fury. The Academy Ava is also more prone to potentially swearing and shouting when infuriated as opposed to the more subdued anger of her mainstream version, with there being at least a few instances where she would scream "Goddamnit, Kayto!" when the Vice-President either displeased or caused trouble for her or their workload at select points in each of the four routes in Sunrider Academy. She also seems to have a harder time remaining impassive or nonchalant if placed in potentially compromising situations and is less capable of recovering from them gracefully, as evidenced in her own route when she was rather comically imbalanced during an awkward incident between herself and Kayto in the school swimming pool.