Sunrider Wiki
Don't let the pink fool you, it has the manliest weapon, the shotgun!
Base Stats
Classification Ryder
Pilot / CO Claude Triello
Affiliation Freelance
HP 400
Energy 100
Armor 4
Evasion 20
Move cost 30
Shield strength / range 35 / 1

Claude Triello's personalized Ryder, it is unknown who built it, or even how Claude truly managed to get it - or at least, there is no proof to validate any story she tells about how she acquired it. In the Novelization, she claims she was a derelict that was abandoned on Onislar, with it's people not even knowing what it was or it's value, which Claude was gifted as a reward for her bringing the planet supplies, though whether or not Claude's story is the truth or not is unknown. It is a support-centric Ryder, but in contrast with the Liberty, it's centered in both orthodox and unorthodox methods to damage the enemy. Armed with a shotgun, it has very poor accuracy but a high damage output (enough to damage some ships) for a supposed Assault weapon. Its main weapon however is a wide array of systems, both orthodox (recovery and buffs) and very unorthodox (the gravity gun). Not very sturdy and less mobile than the Liberty, the Bianca can seem a sub-par Ryder at first glance, but advancing closely together in formation with the Sunrider and its Ryders, its abilities can bolster your formation's offensive and defensive abilities in unconventional ways.


The Bianca is only equipped with its shotgun, but like the Liberty it is capable of using numerous support abilities.


Button restore.png

One of the Bianca's safeguards, it is an ability that successfully restores the capabilities of a machine that has been tampered by the enemy. This ability is most useful when facing PACT Supports and their various debuff abilities, keeping your fleet at effective fighting strength.

  • energy cost: 40 EN

Gravity Gun[]

Button gravity.png

One of the most unorthodox weapons in the galaxy, this gun lets you move one a target allied or enemy Ryder one tile in the direction you want. Perfect for making the enemy trigger your counterattacks, repositioning enemies closer to your weapons, moving slower units like the Paladin forward, or pulling back allied Ryders into safety. Does not work on ships or stations, and has infinite range. A store upgrade can reduce the energy cost by a third.

  • energy cost: 60 EN (40 EN with Gravitino Generator)

Aim Down[]

Button aimdown.png

A debuff that decreases the aim of any of your enemies. It has infinite range, and its low energy cost allows the Bianca to debuff multiple enemies at once. In Mask of Arcadius, cannot be stacked with other accuracy decreasing debuffs.

  • debuff: -25% Aim for 3 turns
  • energy cost: 30 EN

ATK Up[]

Button atkup.png

A buff that increases the attack of one of your allies. In Mask of Arcadius, does not stack with the Full Forward order or any other attack buffs.

  • buff: 20% Damage for 3 turns
  • energy cost: 60 EN


Button kinetic.png

An attack with the Shotgun, inaccurate at range but moderately powerful, capable of dealing massive damage against even ships. The Shotgun is considered an assault weapon, thus it will trigger a counterattack if enemies end up beside Bianca.

  • damage: 250
  • base accuracy: 55
  • energy cost: 60 EN

Upgrade Tips[]

General tips around modifying the Bianca.
Must Have:
Upgrading the shield range and power one time to create the Holy 7!


Hull Plating: Increasing HP.
Energy Reactor: Increasing energy of the ship. This may let you move or shoot more often.
Evasion: Reduce enemy accuracy(hitchance) by 5 by increasing Evasion by 5. Useful against kinetics/laser fire and partly against missiles.


Kinetic Damage:
Kinetic Accuracy:
Kinetic Energy Cost:


Shield Power: Except the first upgrade, all other are basically wasting money, as the only situations in which this is useful are: When the Bianca is alone or Liberty's/Sunrider's shields got shut down by PACT Supports and both situations should be avoided. Read Holy 7 for explanation.
Shield Range: Except the first upgrade, the next one is useless, unless you want to shield hired mercenary units. Read Holy 7 for explanation.