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Character Name
"A memorable quote of the character"
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Original character Links to the main series character
Gender Male or Female
Nationality Cera or Whatever
Occupation Student
Family If applicable

This first part should be a quick description, who they are in the most basic sense. Not very long. Keep spoilers out of here.


The character's physical appearance. Eye color, hair color, build, etc.


The character's personality. Keep it simple.


The character's story.

Early Life

This should highlight known/revealed events in their life BEFORE the events of the games.

Common Route

This part goes over events the character is involved in in the "Common Route" of the game, before the player selects one girl to focus on and find out their unique story.

Her Route

This section details the highlights, quirks, shenanigans, trials and tribulations dealt with in her specific story.

Involvement in Other Routes

This section goes over this particular character's interactions in any of the other routes if applicable. Make sure to use the "main" command at the top of the section to link back that girl's page. If the character doesn't have a specific interaction directly related to another girl's route, then there is no need to include that character.

<Character>'s Route

This section would detail the specific interactions. If they have no involvement in another character's route, then don't add that subsection.

Relationships with other Characters

This part details their interactions, thoughts and feelings on other characters. Keep it short and to the point. We don't need an essay on every other character detailing every minute interaction and dealing.