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Chigara Ashada
Academy chigara.jpg
Original character Chigara Lynn Ashada
Gender Female
Nationality Cera
Occupation Sunrider Academy student
Rank Junior
Science Club Captain
Family Lynn (sister)

Chigara Ashada is an unplayable character in Sunrider Academy. She is based on the character of the same name from the main series.

Chigara is the club leader of the Sunrider Academy Science Club. Although she intended to join the bakery club, the members of the Science Club press-gang her into joining the Science Club instead.



Chigara is a shy and bashful girl who love to make pastries and invent new technology device. Due to being bullied by Lynn, Chigara becomes shy toward other people.


Early Life[]

Chigara started her life as an artificial human made by their parents. Due to the bad treatment of Lynn by their parents, Lynn became jealous and hostile towards Chigara.

Although she wished to join the Bakery Club, the seniors of Science Club press-ganged her to join them instead. At the start of her Junior year at the Academy, her club didn't have anyone left except her, this forced Kayto to support her club as well as the Kendo and Swim Clubs.

Common Route[]

Her Route[]

Involvement in Other Routes[]

Asaga's Route[]

Ava's Route[]

Sola's Route[]

Main article: Sola (Academy)

Tips and Tricks[]

Conversation tips:

  • Focus about Science, Homework, Weather and Politic.
  • When you want to send a gift to her it's recommended to send her Fuzzy Socks, Apron and Recipe Book.


Lynn Ashada (Academy) - Lynn is Chigara's sister who has an extreme hatred toward her but due to Chigara doormat nature she still wants the best for Lynn even if it angers Kayto because of it.

Kayto Shields (Academy) - If you follow Chigara Route she will become Kayto love interest or otherwise she will be his friend.

Asaga Oakrun (Academy) - Chigara is a close friend to Asaga.