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Cosette Cosmos
"I'll burn 'em all!"
Don't call her shor-*BAM*. Cosette please, we are going to be left without editors!
Gender Female
Nationality Ongess
Occupation Pirate
Rank Pirate Queen (self-proclaimed)
Family Mother (deceased)

Cosette Cosmos is a companion character in Sunrider.

A feared space pirate, Cosette’s name is reviled through most of civilized space. She entered the life of crime starting at birth and now assumes control of much of the galaxy’s marauding pirate gangs. Despite her infamy, she is a folk hero among the poor for her brazen attacks on the richest nations in the galaxy. However, her brutal methods of retaining power and her merciless attacks on civilian vessels make her an unquestionable villain to most of civilized society. Her english Voice Actress is Jill Harris and her Japanese Voice Actress is Hayase Yayoi.



She's known for smuggling weapons, assaulting merchant ships, and, to her fury, for her short statu-*BAM* (The editor has been killed. Please forgive the interruption). Despite her theoretically honorable side, the successive defeats against Captain Shields and the Sunrider push her to an alliance with PACT trying to finally defeat them. After another failure, she offers a reward in gold to Veniczar B. Cullen if he manages to kill him, but the Veniczar doesn't seem to treat it very seriously thinking of the lost Ryuvian princess as a lot more important.

She pilots her own personalized Ryder, the Havoc, a vehicle thought for a heavy use of missiles. While carrying powerful anti-matter rockets, the Ryder is also capable of some strong flak, and a melee attack, on top of being very sturdy and durable. It's downside is it's very low speed and evasion.

First Arrival[]

Kayto first encounters Cosette and her pirate goons near Tydaria. There she thinks of Sunrider as a cargo ships and demands that they lower their shields and surrender their cargo. After realising she is best by Sunrider and the help of blackjack, she orders her goons to fall back as the "cargo" isn't worth it. It can be assumed she returns to her pirate base near Tydaria's astro belt. It is there were she once again face's off against Sunrider who is being supported by the liberty and the black jack, as they move in to destroy her base and her operations in this sector. She doesn't actually fight herself but seems to be commanding the pirate's, perhaps from her base. Kayto succeeds in destroying her pirate base effectively ending her pirate activity near Tydaria.

Mask of Arcadius[]

Liberation Day[]

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