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Destroy PACT outpost
Pactstation cropped.jpg

PACT Outpost - Station "Delta"

Battle number 4
Result Sunrider victory
Sunrider PACT
Kayto Shields
Game strength
Black Jack
PACT Outpost
PACT Cruiser
3 PACT Mooks
2 PACT Missile Frigates

"Destroy PACT Outpost" is the second side mission in Sunrider. Story-wise, it was a minor engagement by the Sunrider against PACT forces operating in the Neutral Rim. It is mutually exclusive with the "Stop Slavers" mission; only one can be taken in a single playthrough.


PACT Outpost - Station "Delta" was one of a number of resupply and communication facilities of its type seeded by PACT throughout the Neutral Rim (in violation of the Treaty of Vespa), and was responsible for coordinating close to 35% of the PACT military operations in the rim. An ion storm during the rotation of the defense fleets delayed the arrival of the relief, and the Sunrider used the opportunity to attack the (relatively) lightly defended communications spire and destroy it.


On lower difficulties it is possible to win in one turn (even on Captain, although this requires savescumming or the wasteful use of Full Forward). To beat the level as fast as possible, have Liberty use Flak Off on the cruiser and Shutoff on the spire, or Disable on the cruiser. Soften it up with the Sunrider's lasers, use the Sunrider and Black Jack's missiles on it, then finish it off with assault or pulse fire if necessary.

If you're trying to kill more enemies for money instead, ignore the spire for now; killing it ends the level and you can always get around to it later. With your units close together for complete shield/flak coverage, pick off the mooks with laser fire, switching to pulse and assault as they close. The other units can be destroyed at range with lasers. Have Liberty repair as needed. If a unit is under both the spire and the cruiser's shields at once, neutralize one of the two with the appropriate abilities. Or you can simply close with the Sunrider and use kinetics, although the spire's return fire will likely be unpleasant.