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Far Port
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Class 5 / Oceanic
Affiliation Ryuvia (Formerly)
New Empire (Formerly)
The Alliance
Population < 1000

Far Port was originally a class 5 water Planet pertaining to the Holy Ryuvian Empire. Giving access to the zone of Ryuvia Prime and the core of the Empire, Far Port prospered as a harbor where good from the more exotics parts of the Empire were exchanged with the manufactured goods of the core planets. Growing a lot, Far Port ended being one of the most important and populated cities of the Empire, with even royalty like Sola vi Ryuvia being born there. The Ryuvian wars that ended the Ryuvian however, devastated the planet, to the point that it became a desolated and underpopulated planet, with wilderness overtaking the famed Ryuvian cities. Even after all of this, the decay still didn't stop. With the New Empire continuously expanding with unmatched military power, the Ryuvian fleet finally abandoned Far Port to Imperial hands circa 398, fearful of the might of the Empire. Being embroiled in The Alliance-Imperial War, however, balance soon shifted against the Empire after their disastrous defeat at the Battle of Solaris. The Solar Alliance soon started recapturing ("freeing") all of their surrounding Imperial territory. With this, Far Port changed hands at 399. Ryuvia, being allied to the Alliance and having launched a strong counterattack too, expected the Alliance to return Far Port to them. Far Port was nevertheless an important point to the Alliance, being the key to access its Core Worlds now that all the other surrounding territory formed part of the Alliance. Wanting to guard that weak point, the Alliance took Far Port for themselves, and confirmed the decline of what was left of Ryuvia.

Circa 503, the planet was almost totally unpopulated, with less than 1.000 inhabitants remaining. Even so, after 100 years, Far Port still has successfully accomplished its function, its most important test being the Battle of Far Port, when a PACT invasion fleet was destroyed by its defenders.