The Sunrider Wiki is dedicated to informing fans of the series "Sunrider" about their game, their characters, their story, and everything else. To that end, please respect the rules, guidelines and commandments of the wiki.

Thou Shalt not Denpa

Uploading images is encouraged. Pictures make a wiki great! To that end however, we must be aware of the wider world. Unless there is indeed a way to age-gate content on the wiki, under no circumstances is anything "lewd", "18+", or "NSFW" to be posted. If it requires the de-censor patch, then don't post it. If it involves a shower, don't post it. Keep it PG-13.

Thou Shalt be Neutral

Sunrider is a game about "waifus". It is inevitable that members of the Sunrider community will find favorite characters, as well as hated characters. Whether you're editing the article about your "trash-tier waifu" or your "goddess waifu", please remain neutral in your language and wording. Do not get carried away with the praise or the vitriol. Keep it neutral.

Thou Shalt use Proper English

If English isn't your native language, and if you aren't confident in your English, please leave your edits in your User Page. Go to your Profile, then hit "User Page" and make your edits there, then leave a message in the talk page of the article with a link to your User Page asking for someone to look over your edit(s) for you. If there is demand and willpower, we can indeed see about getting Sunrider Wikis in other languages set up.

Thou Shalt not Vandalize

Or we will hit you. With a ban hammer. Many times.

Thou Shalt be Brief

We don't need a blow-by-blow account of each character's interactions in the story. A brief summation will do. Don't present the entire game in the wiki. That's what the game is for.

Thou Shalt Respect thy Admins

And thy guardians, and thy bureaucrats.

Thou Shalt not Engage in Edit Wars

If you disagree with someone's edit of your content, do not undo it in spite. Take it to the article's talk page to hammer it out, and discuss it like civilized individuals. Usage of Kinetics and Vanguard cannons are not required.

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