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Cosette, are you compensating for something?
Base Stats
Classification Ryder
Pilot / CO Cosette Cosmos
Affiliation Pirates
HP 1000
1500 (LD)
Energy 100
Armor 14
Evasion 8
Move cost 30
Flak strength / range 20 / 2
Missiles 2
Rockets 1
Kill reward $300

The Havoc is Cosette Cosmos's personal ryder, and the most powerful combat asset of her pirates. An incredibly well armored and durable unit by pirate standards, it also has a devastating offense. Being a Pirate Ryder it focuses in anti-ship capacities, to quickly breach the hull of middle or big sized ships at long range, while her mooks and destroyers quickly dispatch smaller ships and later board the big ship through the aperture the Havoc has made. Its main weapon are the anti-matter rockets, but it also carries several salvos of missiles to launch beforehand. It also has moderate flak but with a surprisingly long range, and a melee attack to catch by surprise the unsuspecting Ryder that comes too close. The Armour and increased missile storage space, however, take it's toll, making the Ryder very slow and with low evasion. It also has no long ranged weapons aside from its missiles, leaving her with only Assault and Melee attacks once it is left without missiles (and unlike the Phoenix, it lacks the evasion or high mobility to serve as a close-combat anti-ryder machine).



Button assault.png

A large assault gun whose high per-hit damage lets it deal with light armor quite effectively, and has decent accuracy. Energy cost is quite high, however. Still ineffective against most armored targets.

  • damage: 18 x 15
  • energy cost: 50 EN
  • base accuracy: 60


Button rocket.png

A bomber-grade rocket, much smaller than the capital ships' equivalent but still quite powerful. A rocket is quite a bit tougher compared to a regular missile and is harder to intercept by enemy flak, but it's still wise to overwhelm the enemy with regular missiles before risking one.

  • damage: 300 x 1
  • energy use: 50 EN
  • base accuracy: 60
  • enemy flak reduction: 10


Button missile.png

Standard bomber missiles. Not actually that powerful for a missile weapon, but can still cause problems for lighter targets. Countered by flak.

  • damage: 30 x 8
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 70


Button melee.png

The Havoc's chainsaw serves as an unusual multi-hit melee weapon, potentially dangerous to lighter ryders.

  • damage: 40 x 10
  • energy cost: 50 EN
  • base accuracy: 140