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Invasion of Cera
Drydock destroyed4.jpg

The Sunrider's drydock explodes from a missile volley

Battle number 1
Location Cera
Result PACT victory
Kayto Shields Veniczar S. Arcadius
Game strength
Sunrider 2 PACT Missile Frigates

The Invasion of Cera was one of PACT's conquests in the Neutral Rim, taking the highly developed neutral world of Cera.


PACT had long been annexing neutral planets around Cera, and the Cera Space Force was on alert for PACT's next move. Cera had recently developed an advanced new ship, the Sunrider, and Captain Kayto Shields had been assigned to it for its first trials.

As the Sunrider was preparing to get underway for its engine trials, several PACT missile frigates warped into Ceran space and opened fire. The Sunrider escaped its drydock and moved to engage the frigates alongside the other Ceran units, quickly repulsing the attack. However, the PACT superdreadnought Legion warped in and engaged the defenders, damaging or sinking many ships. Before Cera could surrender, the Legion fired its main gun and destroyed Cera City, killing over a million people and decapitating the planet's government. The Sunrider and other surviving Ceran units scattered and fled.


This is a fairly straightforward first level. One frigate can be taken out on the first turn with a laser attack followed by a missile volley. On the second and third turns, fire lasers at the second frigate twice, then finish it with an assault burst. The level ends once both frigates have been sunk.