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Jaylor XII
King Jaylor XII.jpg
Gender Male
Nationality Ryuvia
Occupation King of Ryuvia
Family Asaga Oakrun (daughter)

King Jaylor XII (full name Jaylor di Ryuvia) is a minor character in Sunrider.

Many millenia ago, the Holy Ryuvian Empire ruled the galaxy as a god would rule men. Possessing powerful technologies more akin to magic rather than the sciences, all of mankind bowed to the power of the Ryuvian Emperor. However, with such great technology came the unparalleled power to destroy. The Holy Ryuvian Empire gradually destroyed itself in great wars of Imperial succession, becoming nothing more than an ancient legend. Today, the technology of the ancient Ryuvians has largely been lost and forgotten. What little fragments of their knowledge remains are found in ancient artifacts, dubbed by contemporaries as Lost Technology.

King Jaylor XII is a symbol of Ryuvia’s lost heritage. Once a mighty and powerful man, King Jaylor has become withered in his old age. Following the tragic death of his Queen by lowly pirates ten years ago, King Jaylor’s health has deteriorated severely. Leaving only a singular heir to the throne, the princess, who has now vanished from the royal court, rumors of a potential succession crisis have spread in Ryuvia. With the incoming PACT menace, the people of Ryuvia are on the verge of revolt and demand that the King take drastic action to protect Ryuvia from the fate suffered by countless Neutral Rim worlds. However, the King appears powerless to protect Ryuvia from its fate…


Spoiler Warning

After the recovery of the princess, Asaga di Ryuvia, King Jaylor managed to fulfill his treaty with PACT that, in exchange of marrying the princess, and so becoming the Crown Prince, Veniczar S. Arcadius would respect Ryuvian territory and culture. However, the supreme leader of PACT never had any intention of fulfilling his end of the bargain, so just after the marriage he ordered the occupation of Ryuvia by PACT troops. Realizing his mistake, the King spent his last breaths lecturing Arcadius, reminding him that the only thing he did was kill an old frail man, and that he was nowhere near close to the old Ryuvian Emperors. Arcadius responded by shooting him. After apologizing to his daughter, he drew his last breath. This coincided with the beginning of Operation Wedding Crash, which saw the successful recovery of the princess by the Sunrider, however the invasion of Ryuvia by PACT and the end of the Empire were unavoidable.