Sunrider Wiki
So she's a bit of a fixer-upper...
Base Stats
Classification Ryder
Pilot / CO Chigara Ashada
Affiliation Freelance
HP 475
Energy 100
Armor 8
Evasion 20
Move cost 20
Shield strength / range 35 / 1

Chigara Ashada's ryder, made by herself to suit her own superior mechanical abilities and act as effective support for the Black Jack, Asaga Oakrun's ryder. Due to this its direct offensive abilities are lacking, but in exchange it has superior Electronic Warfare capability, both to support its allies and to disable some of the enemy capabilities. It can also use its systems to quickly repair some damage either on allied Ryders or starships, making the Liberty the fleet's primary repair unit. Finally, the Liberty is the first unit you receive equipped with a powerful large-area shield that can cover adjacent units, allowing it to protect allies from Laser attacks. Due to this it is convenient to keep her close to the Sunrider, becoming an irreplaceable unit on any large battle.


The Liberty only has one weapon, but has numerous abilities with which it can change the outcome of the battle. All the abilities are only limited by their energy cost, allowing for multiple consecutive uses as long as there is enough energy to cast them.


Button laser.png

A weak laser, mostly useful for finishing off weakened enemies.

  • damage: 100 x 1
  • energy cost: 50 EN
  • base accuracy: 110


Button repair.png

The Liberty's most useful ability, that allows it to restore 300 HP to a single damaged allied unit within a 3-tile radius. The Portable Repair Drones upgrade in the store can enhance its effectiveness to restore up to 500 HP.

  • Heals: 300 x 1 (500 with Portable Repair Drones).
  • energy cost: 80 EN (70 EN with Portable Repair Drones).

Flak Off[]

Button flak.png

Can disable the Flak of any enemy unit, making it vulnerable to missiles and rockets and preventing counterattacks. Bear in mind any other units with flak coverage along the missiles' path can still intercept them. Has infinite range.

  • debuff: -100% flak for 2 turns
  • energy cost: 40 EN

Shut Off[]

Button shutoff.png

Disables the shield of any unit. Take into account that, like Flak Off, it disables the shield generated by the unit and not any overlapping shields generated by nearby units, ex. if a frigate is covered by 2 cruisers, you must use Shut Off on both cruisers to fully remove its shielding. It also has infinite range.

  • debuff: -100% shields for 2 turns
  • energy cost: 60 EN

Aim Up[]

Button aimup.png

A buff that increases the aim of the selected unit. It has the same range as Repair. In Mask of Arcadius, does not stack with the Full Forward order or any other accuracy buffs.

  • buff: 20% accuracy for 3 turns
  • energy cost: 60 EN


Button disable.png

An ability that impedes the regeneration of energy of the enemy at the beginning of its turn. This effectively disables an enemy unit for a turn as it is left with no energy to perform any action. Also negates the target's flak and shields. Extremely energy-expensive, but invaluable for keeping dangerous enemies out of the fight until you can deal with them.

  • debuff: -100% energy, -100% flak, -100% shields for 2 turns
  • energy cost: 100 EN

Upgrade Tips[]

General tips around modifying the Liberty.
Must Have:
Upgrading the shield range and power one time to create the Holy 7!


Hull Plating: Increasing HP.
Energy Reactor: Increasing energy of the ship. This may let you move, shoot or use abilities more often.
Evasion: Reduce enemy accuracy(hitchance) by 5 by increasing Evasion by 5. Useful against kinetics/laser fire and partly against missiles.


Energy Damage:
Energy Accuracy:
Energy Cost:


Shield Power: Except the first upgrade, all other are basically wasting money, as the only situations in which this is useful are: When the Liberty is alone or Bianca's/Sunrider's shields got shut down by PACT Supports and both situations should be avoided. Read Holy 7 for explanation.
Shield Range: Except the first upgrade, the next one is only useful if you want to shield hired mercenary units else a waste. Read Holy 7 for explanation.