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Prototype L7NN - "Lynn"
"We are all the children of Diode."
Can you guess what I'm thinking right now? Huh? Can you?
Gender Female
Nationality Diode
Occupation Ryder Pilot - current captive of Sunrider
Rank Veniczar (formally)
Family Prototypes (genetically identical "sisters")

Prototype L7NN, dubbed as Lynn by Captain Kayto Shields of the Sunrider, is a character in Sunrider: Liberation Day.


Like the rest of her kind, Lynn is a small woman of dainty build with periwinkle-blue hair and sapphire eyes. During her time on the battlefield she wore a Ryder flight-suit with a black-on-red pattern, while outside it she assumedly would wear the standard garb of "Arcadius" - the trademark black suit, red vested shirt, ascot and silver mask. While detained aboard the Sunrider she wore an orange jumpsuit with a neck-tag and possible restraint collar.


Lynn was one of the many Prototypes that fought at the Second Battle of Helion and was ultimately overpowered and defeated by the awakened Sharr of Ryuvia, Asaga di Ryuvia. Out of all her "sisters", Lynn was the only Prototype to survive Asaga's wrath and was soon after taken captive by the Sunrider for interrogation, where she proceeded to begin sowing the seeds of distrust among the crew - first by feeding into Ava Crescentia's belief that Chigara Lynn Ashada was a Prototype herself (which was true) and the source of the information leak on the ship that had been present since before the war started (actually the doing of a different spy on the ship), and then to Asaga by manipulating the latter's growing emotional instability into full-fledged paranoia and fear-turned-resentment for the Ryuvian pilot's formally-best friend.

After the Liberation Day Massacre and the Sunrider's suicide run against Machiavelli Actual, Lynn escaped her brig and found her way to the severely damaged bridge of the ship, where she found Kayto Shields wounded and unconscious. Lynn's mind was briefly invaded by the mindstream element of the now-deceased Chigara, and she decided to carry Shields to the remaining escape pod instead of killing him. Lynn was taken captive again when Asaga and Sola di Ryuvia rescued Shields and the other crew of the Sunrider.