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Disambig.png This article is about the main series character. For the Sunrider Academy character, see Maray Shields (Academy).
Maray Shields
"Good luck, Kayto!"
For all your imouto fantasies
Gender Female
Nationality Cera
Occupation Student
Family Kayto Shields (brother)

Maray Shields is a minor character in Sunrider. She appears during the flashback scenes to Kayto Shields's time in high school.

The younger sister of Kayto and an an accomplished piano player for her age, Maray is an archetypal bratty yet adorable schoolgirl. She hopes to have Kayto and Ava Crescentia get together as a couple.

The last time she appears is as Kayto departs to take command of the Sunrider. Not long after, the Legion destroys Cera City during the Invasion of Cera, with Maray presumably among the resulting deaths. Kayto's loss and perceived failure to protect his sister causes him much grief.

A vision of Maray appears next to Kayto right before his supposed death when the Sunrider rams the Alliance flagship following the events of Liberation Day.