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A galactic wide conglomerate, the Mining Union was born of the collaboration between different companies and firms in the mining of low class (not habitable), yet rich with ore, planets, like Tydaria. As such, it controls every stage since the extraction of the ore to its refining into starship grade steel. Since it's origins, The Mining Union has grown to the point it's the steel provider of 50% of the ships constructed in the galaxy. As such, it is a powerhouse comparable to the Alliance lobbies. Despite it, the Union has not excessively preoccupied itself with the relations with the powers, merely maintaining a balance between all of its clients, and so doesn't have as much influence on the Alliance as it could have despite its democratic and capitalistic nature (due to this, it's influence in the Alliance politics it's less than its internal lobbies, despite severely outsizing them). However, this has gained the Union a niche with freelancers and mercenaries, being their main provider of supplies and the only way to legally purchase weapons (and it's licenses). The Union has encouraged this by offering protection and patrolling jobs (with the objective of gaining further independence of any nation), and in general being receptive to proposals whenever they can gain some benefits. A good example of this is their good reception of Asaga Oakrun and Chigara Ashada, offering the first a place among the mercenaries patrolling the mining areas despite her inexperience (recognizing her skills), and lending the second a facility in which to conduct starship reparations (and bake pastes) in exchange of her also repairing the ships of the Union (recognizing again her top skills despite being very young).

The Union in general has a policy which gives priority to money before all (though they seem to respect the law), so they don't take sides in any war. Because of that they are the ones which profit the most, as it doesn't matter which sides wins or loses, both will need more warships, either to recoup the losses or to maintain the advantage. It also maintains the biggest private army on the galaxy which they use to escort their merchant vessels and work as mercenaries when they don't have such duties. Despite its size, their fleet is mostly composed of lighter, cheap ships useful as escorts and support vessels, but not powerful enough to give the Mining Union any strength comparable to the bigger powers.

With Captain Shields essentially becoming a freelancer, the Union becomes his main provider of supplies, including rockets and repair drones. The union can also offer unique upgrades as the captain proves trustworthy and, most importantly, rich enough: shields for the Sunrider, improved repair kits and even escort ships. His contact with the Union is Sophita Brooks, the Vice-secretary of Operations. Despite being formally a Union, the structure seems to be centralized, hinting at either a long story or a member company absolutely dominating over the others.

During the Alliance-PACT War, the Mining Union initially traded with both sides, but relations between PACT and the Mining Union became increasingly strained. After PACT attacked a Mining Union freighter carrying a high-value cargo (fortunately, the Sunrider escorted the ship to safety), the Union arranged for an Alliance task force led by the Sunrider to join Union units in destroying a PACT fleet docked at Tydaria, severing its ties with the People's Alliance.