Sunrider Wiki
Mining Union Battleship
Base Stats
Classification Battleship
Affiliation Mining Union
HP 2900
Energy 120
Armor 40
Evasion -32
Move cost 40
Flak strength / range 36 / 1

The Mining Union Battleship is the most powerful ship at the disposal of the Union. It has some of the most powerful lasers in the game and the most powerful lasers ever available to player(Without upgrades).It is colossal in size reflected with highest HP on a Battleship in the game, at 2900 HP. It has a gravity gun like the one found on the Bianca, however unlike the gravity gun on the Bianca the one found on an Union Battleship is powerful enough to move Battleships. However the ship is not very flexible as the kinetic's are weak and inaccurate. The ship can be bought from the Mining Union for 3000 credits and you can have only 1 in your fleet


Although it doesn't have many weapons, its lasers are very powerful and the powerful gravity gun makes up for the below average assault weapons in comparison to other ships its size as well as giving it an unorthodox support role in any formation.


The laser banks allow for accurate fire from a great distance and have the highest damage potential of all the main weapons. This weapon is countered by shielding. Since the Mining Union uses the laser for their mining operations, these one are more powerful than any other laser on a ship of its size or smaller. Considering its good accuracy and that it can be double fired, this is its main weapon.

  • damage: 408 x 1
  • energy cost: 60 EN
  • base accuracy: 120


The kinetic guns on this ship are mediocre at best. They have average accuracy but don't do that much damage in comparison to other battleships. Due to its inability to be double fired and its poor damage, it is largely relegated to a support role to fire against light frigates and destroyers that get to close.

  • damage: 400 x 1
  • energy cost: 70 EN
  • base accuracy: 65


These flak cannons are meant to be used against nearby targets and are especially devastating against light armored targets such as Ryders.Its high shot count means that is effect even against targets with high evasion. The Mining Union prefers many flak cannons as well as quite powerful one's, considering that is used to scare or fight of pirate ryders. Its accuracy is also quite high since its to be used against opposing Ryders primarily.

  • damage: 25 x 20
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 70

Gravity Gun[]

A more powerful version of Bianca's gravity gun. Just like the Bianca it can move Ryders but unlike the Bianca its great enough to move enemy ships and stations.This unorthodox weapon can be used to pull enemy ships and Ryders closer or move your allied units back in to formation. What use the Mining Union has for these guns for actual mining is unknown.The fact that it has infinite range and can be used 3 times gives the Battleship an unorthodox support role in any formation.