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Nightmare Ascendant
A god from the machine
Base Stats
Classification Ryder
Pilot / CO Sharr Myren
Affiliation Holy Ryuvian Empire
HP 30000
Energy 140
Armor 15
Evasion 40
Move cost 5
Missiles 9
Rockets 9
Kill reward $5000
"All the ships of PACT are disposable. For the Nightmare alone can rule the galaxy."

The Nightmare Ascendant, or is an ancient Ryuvian ryder, the legendary Myr'lan'dur owned by Sharr Myren, who disappeared mysteriously 2400 years ago. In the modern era, the owner of this ryder was Alice. How Alice or the Prototypes managed to acquire it is unclear.

Feared even amongst the Ryuvians of its time, the Nightmare Ascendant, despite only being a Ryder, had tremendous firepower and defenses which surpassed that of entire fleets. In ancient times, it was reputed to have "single-handedly destroyed a Farari fleet a thousand strong".

At the time of Liberation Day, it was by far the most powerful warship in the galaxy, surpassing even the PACT flagship Legion. It was only barely defeated with the combined firepower from nearly all of humanity's warships at that time, including the Sunrider, the Combined Fleet of the Solar Alliance, and the Second Fleet of PACT.

The Nightmare Ascendant serves as the boss of Sunrider: Liberation Day's penultimate mission, and defeating it wins the mission. It is immune to Liberty's Disable, and other debuffs only have half their usual effect. It also has the highest HP of any ship in the series to date.

In [RE]TURN, depending on the choices the player makes, one of the outcomes regarding the Ascendant will happen:

  • The Ascendant is defeated with Chigara's help just like the original timeline, making the Liberation Day massacre inevitable unless Chigara is stopped
  • Present day Kayto manages to warn Fontana in time about the Prototype virus infecting his ships so they can defeat the Ascendant without Chigara's help
  • The Ascendant manages to destroy the Sunrider while it is unpowered and defenseless, causing Kayto to be ejected into space and die
  • Kayto convinces Past Claude to destroy the Ascendant with her powers but the spacetime continuum collapses as a result of this, threatening to end all life in the universe


The Ascendant initially only has one weapon, a (relatively) conventional laser. After Alice's Awakening, it has three: a piercing super laser, multi-rocket, and melee attack.


Considerably more powerful than most ships' lasers, but otherwise not particularly remarkable. Almost as if the Nightmare Ascendant has yet to unleash its full power...

  • damage: 400 x 1
  • energy cost: 60 EN
  • base accuracy: 120

Boss Laser[]

Awakened Alice's most common attack. Hits all targets in a line (like the Vanguard Cannon), and ignores 50 points of shielding.

  • damage: 400 x 1
  • energy cost: 60 EN
  • base accuracy: 120 (actually unevadable)
  • shield ignore: 50

Boss Rocket[]

A spread of three AoE rockets, more powerful and flak-resistant than the PACT Destroyer's, and backed by near-bottomless magazines. Will target three hexes; can cause friendly fire damage.

  • damage: 600 x 3 (50% to surrounding hexes)
  • energy cost: 70
  • base accuracy: 999
  • enemy flak reduction: 25

Boss Melee[]

Alice will use this when next to a player ryder. Not actually as powerful as the Nightmare's melee attack, but still does enough damage to kill almost any other ryder. Push her away with Bianca's gravity gun if needed.

  • damage: 800 x 1
  • energy cost: 40 EN
  • base accuracy: 130