Nomodorn Corridor
Class Uncharted space
Affiliation N/A
Population N/a

A huge and uncharted sector in the galaxy, the Nomodorn Corridor is a scenario of legends and ghost stories. The nearest inhabited planet is that of Tautenia, a dark planet (a planet where technology has fallen to pre-warp levels), which means that zone is neither stable nor charted, and the lack of anything known remotely important or useful has kept any nation from the sector (though being the place of such legends, the place is very popular with both adventurers and criminals). One of its more mysterious regions is the one called Mnemosyne Abyss, which is almost totally uncharted, and is rumoured by the Tautenians to be a site of an ancient battle in the age of the Holy Ryuvian Empire.

Spoilers Warning!

The truth, however, is arguably worse than any ghost story. The resting place of the Sharr' Lac and a ship graveyard of the time of the Holy Ryuvian Empire means that this corridor, concretely the Mnemosyne Abyss, was the scenario of an apocalyptic war between pretenders of the Ryuvian throne, one being The Fallen led by Crow Harbor and the other the loyalists of emperor of that moment. It is likely that the emptiness of the Abyss and its surroundings (and maybe the whole Corridor) is due to the destruction unleashed by the two factions, which totally devastated the zone, including a blast from the Sharr' Lac, with the capacity to destroy anything in a range of half a light year. This however also makes it the resting place of a great deal of Lost Technology, including the crown jewel, and one survivor of the conflict: Sola.

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