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PACT Bomber
Because Pact does not employ enough missiles in its strategy...
Base Stats
Classification Ryder
Affiliation PACT
HP 400 (MoA)
550 (LD)
Energy 100
Armor 10
Evasion 5
Move cost 30
Missiles 2
Rockets 1
Kill reward $75

The main Siege units of PACT, these Ryders serve for when you need a portable base of firepower against slow and armoured enemies. Being mainly missile based (like most of PACT heavy weaponry) and still having a spare laser rifle when its ordinance is depleted its however a surprisingly flexible unit and the bane of a lot of PACT's lesser enemies. In comparison to its lighter counter part, the PACT Mook, the bomber its a more expensive and armoured unit. While this makes it a lot slower and bulkier (so it unlike the mook it can't be transported by units other than carriers), the increased firepower and armour also makes it a more effective weapon in conventional battles. Equipped with a rockets and munitions for 2 missile salvos, the Bomber is especially brutal against any kind of enemy, and only the most dense flak nets can stop a coordinated barrage. due to this a lot of times is also deployed as support fire for entire fleets, its own salvos being the perfect complement for PACT Battleships and PACT Missile Frigates, usually sealing the enemy's fate after the barrages of the former has left their flak totally degraded.

The main weakness of the unit is that, due to the small size of Ryders in general, their missiles are quickly expended, leaving them with nothing more than an average laser rifle. They also lack any kind of assault weapon or flak, making them particularly vulnerable to melee or missile attacks. While their armour is decent for a mass produced Ryder, its also only enough to stop Assault weapons, and without any kind of shield and a low evasion they are also very vulnerable to laser weapons. In general, while a unit with a lot more endurance than the mook, this Ryder continues to be a basic mass-produced PACT unit, meant as much as a firepower projection tool as cannon fodder, mirroring the missile frigate in its basic function of shooting without stopping until it is destroyed.


While it has a wide array of weapons, the small missile storage means that once depleted the unit will have no more than an average laser rifle, not even Assault weapons.


The laser banks allow for accurate fire from a great distance but has the lowest damage potential of all the main weapons. This weapon is countered by shielding. The weakest laser of PACT, they still present an average accuracy which makes them good as support fire weapons.

  • damage: 140 x 1
  • energy cost: 70 EN
  • base accuracy: 100


The missile banks are a fearsome long range weapon useful in doing good reliable damage even against distant enemy units (though not the well-armored ones). Stocks are very limited, but with its short lifetime the Bomber depletes them in the shortest time possible so that they don't explode together. Countered by Flak.

At the time of Liberation Day, bombers carry more, larger missiles.

  • damage: 30 x 8 (40 x 10 in LD)
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 70


The Bomber is able to fire a rocket that is a lot smaller than the capital ships equivalent but still quite powerful. A rocket is quite a bit tougher compared to a regular missile and is harder to intercept by enemy flak, but it's still wise to overwhelm the enemy with regular missiles before risking one, a very common PACT strategy.

The Liberation Day period rocket is considerably more powerful and accurate.

  • damage: 300 x 1 (500 x 1 in LD)
  • energy use: 50 EN
  • base accuracy: 60 (70 in LD)
  • enemy flak reduction: 10