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PACT Destroyer
Dodge this!
Base Stats
Classification Destroyer
Affiliation PACT
HP 550
Energy 100
Armor 8
Evasion 5
Move cost 30
Flak strength / range 0 / 0
Rockets 8
Kill reward $275

The second of the smallest ships of the PACT, the destroyer is a long-range unit capable of causing great damage to dense formations of ships. Not equipped with shields, anti-missile defense, having weak armor and having only torpedoes as a weapon, this ship is intended for large naval battles.


Splash Rocket

Powerful area-of-effect weapon that cannot be evaded, only shot down. Spreading out (while maintaining flak coverage) may be advisable against this weapon, if the destroyer itself cannot be knocked out promptly. Don't even think of trying to run its magazine dry, either.

  • damage: 500 (75% to surrounding hexes)
  • energy cost: 60
  • base accuracy: 999
  • enemy flak reduction: 10