Sunrider Wiki
PACT Fast Cruiser
Base Stats
Classification Destroyer (?)
Affiliation PACT
HP 900
Energy 120
Armor 8
Evasion 8
Move cost 30
Flak strength / range 30 / 1
Kill reward $375

PACT Fast Cruiser is the one of the newest ships in the PACT fleet first seen in Liberation Day. The Fast Cruiser might be a response to the ever changing ways of war. In comparison to the normal PACT Cruiser, his ships focus more on quickly getting close to the enemy and then attacking them with their kinetic guns which are more powerful than on a normal PACT cruiser.For this reason they are only armed with kinetic and assault guns. They also lack shielding and have light armor, probably so that they do not lose much speed or evasion. It's frame seems to be the same or at least based of the one from a normal PACT cruiser.


While only limited to 2 weapons, this is just enough to not slow the ship down and have it still be effective.


More powerful than the one's on a standard cruiser, as well as more accurate and they can be double fired as well.

  • damage: 400 x 1
  • energy cost: 60 EN
  • base accuracy: 65


These flak cannons can be used to attack ships that get to close and are particularly devastating against poorly armored enemy ryders.It has higher damage per shot than the standard cruiser but the same shot count and slightly improved accuracy which still remains poor.Any high amount of armor is most likely to negate most of the damage.

  • damage: 15 x 15
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 55