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PACT Missile Frigate
Goddammed zubats...
Base Stats
Classification Frigate
Affiliation PACT
HP 400
Energy 100
Armor 20 (MOA)
10 (LD)
Evasion -10 (MOA)
0 (LD)
Move cost 30
Missiles 6
Kill reward $100

One of the smallest ships used by PACT, but probably its most numerous. The missile frigates are simply disposable missile trucks. With the least concern to its frame and only enough armour to not get destroyed by Assault and pulse weapons in 2 sprays, they are simple cannon fodder filling the gaps between PACT bigger ships. Their value however stems in that despite this, the missiles they carry are an excellent weapon that allows them to perform fire support at almost any distance and thus attract the enemy attention from the more expensive and powerful PACT Cruisers and bigger ships. They also serve very well as a flanking element, where their missiles can successfully pin the enemy and target the weakened elements from long range, or even as launchers of surprise attacks (if they manage to catch the enemy with its flak deactivated their missiles can be deadly). Thus the missile frigates serve in practically every engagement of PACT.


The missile frigate only has one weapon, its missiles. Once they are depleted it becomes totally worthless. Most of the times however the frigate gets destroyed or the battle ends before their enhanced storage gets depleted, so it's not a worry for PACT's command.


The missile banks are a fearsome long range weapon useful in doing good reliable damage even against distant enemy units. Having enhanced storage, the frigate doesn't have to worry about depleting their missiles quickly, in fact it's the only thing it can do. The missiles can still be countered by Flak though.

  • damage: 50 x 6
  • energy cost: 60 EN
  • base accuracy: 80 (degrades only 5% every cell)

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