Sunrider Wiki
PACT Support
Say goodbye to your impervious defense...
Base Stats
Classification Ryder
Affiliation PACT
HP 450
Energy 100
Armor 0
Evasion 40
Move cost 20
Shield strength / range 25 / 1
Kill reward $80

A specialised support ryder often attached to assault carrier wings. Despite being completely unarmed, they are universally loathed by enemy commanders for their range of debilitating special abilities. This makes them a high-priority target, but their exceptional evasion, decent shields and tendency to stay in the rear of PACT formations makes their removal a difficult task at best, often requiring specialized methods.

During an enemy turn, PACT Supports always go first unless they were just spawned that turn by an assault carrier.


Although it doesn't have any weapons, it still has many other ways to support the PACT fleet and disrupt the opposing force's fleet.


Restores 300 HP to a unit within three tiles.

  • Heals: 300 x 1
  • energy cost: 60 EN

Flak Off[]

Disables the Flak of any enemy unit, with infinite range. This can cripple a seemingly impenetrable network of overlapping flak coverage, allowing missiles and rockets to inflict severe damage on the player's forces.

  • buff: -100% flak for 2 turns
  • energy cost: 40 EN

Shield Down[]

Disables the shield of any unit, with infinite range. Used on the Liberty or Bianca, it can leave player units (particularly the Sunrider) exposed to the large volumes of laser fire a typical PACT fleet puts out.

  • energy cost: 40 EN (60 EN in LD)


Removes all debuffs on the target ally unit, with a range of three tiles. When reversing Liberty's Disable, the unit can move again that same turn unless it has already "tried" to take its turn.

  • energy cost: 60 EN

Disable Lite[]

Halves the target's energy for the next turn, which can render it unable to use its best (or in the Seraphim's case, only) attacks. Bianca's Restore ability does not restore the lost EN. Has infinite range. In Liberation Day this doubles the cost of using abilities, moving and using weapons.

  • energy cost: 100 EN