Sunrider Wiki
Totally not the Destroy Gundam Jr.
Base Stats
Classification Ryder
Pilot / CO Kryska Stares
Affiliation Solar Alliance
HP 900
Energy 100
Armor 15
Evasion 10
Move cost 40
Flak strength / range 18 / 1
Missiles 2

Kryska Stares' unit, it regarded in the Sunrider Novelization as being a limited-production experimental-model Ryder as opposed to being a standard unit of The Alliance, restricted to custom-manufactured runs and operated only for elite or unique pilots with 1st Lieutenant Stares' model possibly being the original prototype. It is a heavy top of the line unit, suited specially for anti-ship attacks, but still retaining some anti-Ryder capacity. The Paladin features incredible armor and battleship-grade firepower at the cost of having the least mobility of all your Ryders. It rounds it up with some moderate flak capabilities, and an increased missile storage space over the Black Jack. Thus, it is designed to advance the most it can, while sending a salvo of missiles and then engage the enemy in mid to close range, where its high caliber but low accuracy guns will have no problem hitting enemy vessels, while relying on its toughness to shrug off enemy Ryder attacks.


The Paladin is equipped with powerful anti-ship cannons, assault weapons and missiles, excelling at mid to close range battle.


Button kinetic.png

The most powerful and main weapon of the Paladin, is as powerful as the Sunrider's Saviors, and while not as accurate as them, it gives the Paladin very high anti-ship capabilities. It also starts being less expensive EN wise, allowing for more powerful follow-up attacks to be made.

  • damage: 400 x 1
  • energy cost: 60 EN
  • base accuracy: 70


Button assault.png

While as powerful and slightly more precise than the Black Jack's Assault weapons, they are twice as expensive per shot energy-wise. This weapon is used during counterattacks, with only 10 shots (versus the 20 of the Black Jack). Combined with its lack of melee attacks, the Paladin is less comfortable in close quarters combat than Ryders like the Phoenix, though this weapon's low EN cost can somewhat offset this shortcoming.

  • damage: 14 x 10
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 70


Button missile.png

Missile banks are a fearsome long range weapon useful in dealing good reliable damage even against distant enemy units. It launches only five missiles per salvo compared to the Sunrider and Black Jack's ten, but each missile does more damage (80 to the Black Jack's 40); it is thus more effective against armor, though not as good for saturating enemy flak. The Paladin also has twice as much base missile storage.

  • damage: 80 x 5
  • energy cost: 20 EN
  • base accuracy: 70


A new ability in Liberation Day, this lets the Paladin use its superior armor to the benefit of the overall fleet. It makes enemies much more likely to target the Paladin, and adds 400% + 60 armor.

  • energy cost: 60 EN



  • "Reporting for duty, sir!"
  • "Lieutenant Kryska Stares reporting, sir."
  • "Sir!"

Move forward:

  • "Hitting thrusters."
  • "Onward to victory!"
  • "Forward!"

Move backwards:

  • "Reverse course!"
  • "Falling back!"

Fire kinetic:

  • "All see the might of the Solar Alliance!"
  • "Commencing bombardment!"

Launch missiles:

  • "All missiles loose!"
  • "Breaching the enemy's defenses!"
  • "I have tone! Firing!"

Hit enemy:

  • "Surrender, or I will resume hostilities."
  • "Do you still refuse to negotiate?"
  • "Weaponized diplomacy was successful!"
  • "Freedom or death!"

Missed enemy:

  • "Negative hit!"
  • "No joy, no joy!"
  • "That was your warning shot!"

Enemy evaded:

  • "My honor is my shield!"
  • "No damage to report, sir."

Hits taken:

  • "Paladin, holding steadfast!"
  • "My shield shall hold!"
  • "I've taken moderate damage, sir! Nothing I can't handle!"
  • "My systems are damaged!"
  • "Shall I perform a tactical retreat, captain!?"


  • "Coward! Cease your subterfuge and face me!"
  • "An electronic attack... such a dishonorable tactic..."