Sunrider Wiki

Full change log since first beta of Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius until Release.

beta 1[]

released 3rd of April 2014

Patch 1.01 ~ 1.03[]

released within 24 hours of first release

  • fixed game not starting on mac
  • fixed missile staying on screen
  • fixed player units not starting with full hp/en after an upgrade [actually fixed in 1.02]
  • fixed cost of orders
  • fixed diagonal movement costs. it should cost twice as much as moving straight
  • fixed missiles rarely showing hit animation when it actually misses.
  • fixed weird behavior of victory screen (sometimes playing double)
  • fixed repair droids healing for more than max hp.
  • fixed a bug that made the AI target the sunrider nearly all the time. firing the vanguard cannon though will still likely make them flip their collective shit, so be careful.
  • rebalanced pulse weapons. they should be slightly more effective against lightly armored targets. new game required.
  • slightly modified AI behavior further
  • fixed a rare crash from occurring during battle

Patch 1.04 & 1.05[]

released 4th of April

  • fixed rolling back into battle.
  • added the ability to zoom in with page-up/page-down (request by Oreo_Blue)
  • added voice volume option in settings. (man, a lot of people have been asking this)
  • implemented rudimentary difficulty settings
  • buffed Chigara's repair ability by 50% (new game required probably.)
  • the Havoc can no longer be defeated in the first turn, not giving the blackjack time to spawn

Patch 1.06[]

released 7th of April

  • disabled saving/loading during the enemy turn. instead, a warning will appear.
  • fixed possible crash caused by Vanguard cannon when used to kill a boss (and other units)
  • darkened the background during victory screen and destroyed units don't suddenly pop up anymore
  • increases size of HP and EN values in status window
  • "end turn' button shows red if there are ships with full energy left. it shows green when there are none.
  • I think a confirmation popup would be too invasive.
  • fixed transition glitch at the end of mission 2
  • pressing [ or ] now cycles through player ships. if you start a new game on 1.06 then the middle mouse
  • button will also work.
  • lowered the default volume of music
  • right click deselects weapon or ship (new game required)
  • added experimental option for edge scrolling.

Patch 1.06b[]

released 8th of April

  • hopefully really fixed the Vanguard crash issue
  • fixed crash when clicking middle mouse while selecting an enemy
  • right click exits the save menu screen
  • middle click will select the Sunrider if no units are selected.

Beta 2[]

released on 29th of April 2014

Patch 2.1[]

released on 1st of May fixed:

  • missiles deducting energy cost twice
  • bonus menu
  • not being able to load from the main menu after credits
  • pulse weapons always missing on the pirate base (still only does minimal damage)
  • pirate and pact bombers can now be attacked by melee (requires new game)
  • game crash when attacking the phoenix with the booster attached with a melee attack (requires a new game)
  • fixed flak no longer working after shooting down all the missiles in a salvo.
  • player ships no longer counter attack the same enemy twice
  • added 2 cruisers in mission 8 to make it harder to end the battle prematurely.
  • fixed crash if Agamemnon gets hit with missiles

balance changes:

  • vanguard cannon now costs 1500 command points
  • upgrading maximum EN is significantly more expensive
  • upgrading EN costs of specific weapon types is slightly less expensive (over time)
  • Tactical nuclear warheads have become cheaper and more powerful. 300$ for 800 damage.recommended against* (pirate) bases!
  • you can only use 1 order per turn

Beta 3[]

released 28th of May 2014

Patch 3.1[]

released on 3rd of June

  • fixed bonus menu. again. (sorry ES)
  • fixed not being able to load after a game over.
  • fixed the game crashing after loading an old save file where the phoenix hadn't been created.
  • fixed old missiles showing up when you fire your own.
  • fixed non-player factions shooting each other's missiles
  • fixed rockets taking their EN cost twice
  • fixed shielding not getting calculated properly
  • fixed being able to roll back by scrolling up in the wrong place in the upgrade screen.
  • fixed 'end turn' button remaining on screen (and active) during enemy turn
  • improved various scene transitions
  • improved unit movement animation
  • rockets are now less likely to get shot down by flak compared to regular missiles. warning: this means enemy rockets are more dangerous too!
  • missile accuracy upgrade has been replaced by flak resistance upgrade. every point in this new stat reduces enemy flak% by 1. this change is visually reflected in the targeting window when hovering over a missile or rocket weapon.
  • missile damage and cost upgrades are more effective (requires resetting your upgrades, see below)
  • added a button on the R&D screen that will remove all upgrades and refunds (most) of the money you spent on them. this will also update new balance changes. this feature is not guaranteed to be in the final game and mostly is there for debug/testing purposes.
  • added a button that will undo your previous movement. this button is only available right after making a movement and only when you did not trigger a counter attack. known issue: hovering over a weapon button or zooming will also make the button disappear.

Patch 3.1b[]

released 8th of June

  • fixed some rare problems with save compatibility code

Patch 4.2[]

Released on July 26th

  • tooltips added by Quickman
  • chapter select added by EnderShadow
  • command point generation globally reduced
  • flak decay mechanic overhauled. you are now far less likely to get blown up in turn 1 by enemy missiles
  • weaker buffs and curses no longer overwrite stronger buffs. this includes the buff from the 'full forward' order
  • accuracy buffs no longer affect healing and other support skills
  • the range on the gravity gun is now infinite
  • enemy units surrender when their leader is destroyed which now gives you bonus money - half as much as if you had destroyed them. sniping the enemy leader asap is not much more economically viable
  • hard difficulty again decreases damage the player does by 25%

Patch 4.2a[]

  • fixes a bug with Asaga not being visible in the Mnemosyne Abyss battle if you load the game during turn 1
  • fixed a possible crash if you beat a boss with the vanguard cannon
  • fixed a bug with 4.2 that erased the quantum warhead upgrade if you bought it on 4.1
  • upgrade window became more user friendly (by Renari)
  • fixed a tooltip bug with short range warp
  • it's no longer possible to farm enemy carriers for unlimited money