Sunrider Wiki
It slices, it dices, it makes julienne fries!
Base Stats
Classification Ryder
Pilot / CO Icari Isidolde
Affiliation Freelance
HP 300
Energy 100
Armor 0
Evasion 50
Move cost 10
Flak strength / range 20 / 1
Missiles 0

The Phoenix is Icari's ryder, and begins the game with 300 HP, the lowest amount of any player controlled Ryder (including Chigara's Liberty at 475 and Sola's Seraphim, at 375). To compensate for this, she has a very high evasion (50) and also has an ability called Stealth, which prevents enemies from engaging counterattacks against her, giving her the ability to stand adjacent to any enemy without receiving damage on her turn, perfect for closing into melee range. Further, she can move very quickly at the low cost of 10 energy per square, making it easy to traverse the battlefield. Her melee attack is more powerful than Asaga's, but because of her low HP, she is best used either as an assassin (using Stealth to close in and take out high-priority ryders) or with careful hit-and-run tactics. When not engaging enemy ryders, the Phoenix usually serves as a dodge tank or to finish off badly damaged capital ships.


The Phoenix is a specialized anti-Ryder machine reliant on its melee attacks. While this limits its effectiveness in larger engagements against enemy ships, it is formidable against even the toughest enemy Ryders.


Button stealth.png

The Phoenix's primary special ability, Stealth allows the player to move it adjacent to any enemy units without suffering Counterattack from Assault-type weapons for the rest of the turn. This ability is indispensable at allowing the fragile Phoenix to close in on enemies and strike within melee range without taking damage. An alternative to this ability is Flak Off from Liberty, as this disable Counterattacks from the affected unit as well. Stealth has no other defensive attributes however, and does nothing against normal enemy attack. In Liberation Day the stealth ability also draws attention away from the Phoenix. An upgrade in the store allows the Phoenix to go completely invisible from all average scanning equipment. However specialized support units may be able to discover it, and the upgrade also downgrades the ability's cost to 30.

  • energy cost: 20 EN (30 EN in Liberation Day)


Button melee.png

With 2 swords, The Phoenix can unleash 2 melee attacks in the same action. While slightly less precise than the Black Jack's melee, it is more reliable against Ryders with more evasion, and more powerful when the two attacks connect (unless the enemy has high armor values).

  • damage: 250 x 2
  • energy cost: 40 EN
  • base accuracy: 160


Button assault.png

While less powerful than the Black Jack's, the Phoenix guns are still plenty useful thanks to the better mobility of this Ryder, which allows it to get closer than other Ryders with more damage.

  • damage: 12 x 20
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 65



  • "Phoenix, awaiting orders."
  • "What? I'm not doing this because I like you!"
  • "Make it quick."
  • "This had better be worth it."

Move forward:

  • "Accelerating."
  • "I'll get there before anyone else."
  • "Afterburners activated. Let's go!"

Move backwards:

  • "Falling back."
  • "Turning around."

Fire assault:

  • "Weapons free."
  • "Engaging hostiles!"
  • "I'll take you all on!"

Melee attack:

  • "I'll cut you down!"
  • "One cut, one kill!"

Hit enemy:

  • "All too easy."
  • "Icari Isidolde. Remember my name."
  • "And that's how it's done."
  • "Easy in, easy out!"

Missed enemy:

  • "That piece of junk moved faster than my Phoenix? Unacceptable!"
  • "Uh... I meant to do that..."
  • "Ugh... I won't forgive this!"
  • "Y-You didn't see that! All right? All right?!"

Enemy evaded:

  • "Hah! Too slow"
  • "Where're you're aiming at? I'm here!"
  • "Can't hit me!"
  • "That wasn't luck. That was skill!"
  • "Watch and learn, captain!"
  • "Hahahahaha... having trouble aiming?"
  • "I think it's time you got new glasses!"

Hits taken:

  • "Ughh! You scratched up my Phoenix! You'll pay!"
  • "Watch it! The armor's thin on this one!"
  • "Can't you command me better?! This is all your fault!"
  • "*choke* Come on, captain! Be more careful!"
  • "I... hate everything..."


  • "Captain...! This is all your fault!"
  • "This is just a tactical retreat, you hear?"


  • "Phoenix, rising from the ashes!"