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Pirate Base
Includes: truck stop, bar, brothel, smoking parlor
Base Stats
Classification Station
Affiliation Pirates
HP 1200 (MoA)
2200 (LD)
Energy 100
Armor 50
Evasion -50
Shield strength / range 25 / 2
Flak strength / range 30 / 1
Missiles 5
Kill reward $1000 (MoA)
$500 (LD)

The Pirate Base is a large structure built into an asteroid, from which pirates operate. Finding and neutralizing these is key to removing the pirate presence in a system, but the base's significant weaponry and defenses – not to mention the large numbers of pirate units typically defending it – can make this a tricky task in the absence of capital ship support. In Liberation Day the structure has been greatly reinforced, making the base even harder to dislodge, although its weapons remain outclassed by those of military vessels.



A battery of light cannons for close-in defense. High damage on paper but horribly inaccurate, and the low per-shot damage limits its effectiveness against its large ships.

  • damage: 100 x 5
  • energy cost: 60 EN
  • base accuracy: 40


Assault guns effective against ryders and other lightly-armored units. A relatively low threat due to its mediocre damage and volume of fire for a unit of its size, along with its atrocious accuracy.

  • damage: 13 x 15
  • energy cost: 40 EN
  • base accuracy: 40


A large missile volley, not as accurate as some others but still quite effective at range. Its low damage limits its usefulness, especially against armored targets, but the base does have deep missile magazines.

  • damage: 20 x 15
  • energy cost: 40 EN
  • base accuracy: 70 (degrades only 5% every cell)