Sunrider Wiki
Pirate Bomber
Basically a Havoc-lite
Base Stats
Classification Ryder
Affiliation Pirates
HP 350
Energy 100
Armor 8
Evasion 10
Move cost 30
Flak strength / range 20 / 1
Missiles 1
Rockets 1
Kill reward $80

Basically a mass produced version of the Havoc, the Pirate Bomber is a great asset for the pirates, because it gives them some serious firepower capacity without having to use the Pirate Destroyer. It's main success is in the fact of being able to carry a seriously powerful rocket warhead, which is more than enough for any usual target of the pirates (i.e. light ships and escorts). Aside from that, it only has ordinance for a normal missile salvo, and once he depletes both of them it becomes only able to use its assault weapons, so any other offensive capability is negligible. Complementing this is moderate armour, flak and evasion, quite a success for a pirate design which normally ranks top bottom in all of them. Also, its assault weapons gives it some flak and the possibility to counterattack, making it less vulnerable to melee and missile attacks that its PACT counterpart, the PACT Bomber. The overall lack of any shields of pirates means however that is largely vulnerable to laser attacks (and so, to any kind of organized military force).


While it has a wide array of weapons, the very small missile storage means that once depleted the unit will have no more than Assault weapons, basically becoming useless.


The Assault guns can be used offensively against enemy targets and are particularly devastating against poorly armoured enemy Ryders. Its high shot count makes it a very reliable damage dealer even against highly evasive targets. Any armour though is likely to negate most damage. A refit of the Pirate Grunt Assault weapons (which were quite poor since the beginning), but with even lower power and a higher energy cost.

By Liberation Day the assault gun has become far more powerful, firing twice as many rounds with 28.6% more damage each.

  • damage: 14 x 10 (18 x 20 in LD)
  • energy cost: 50 EN
  • base accuracy: 60 (58 in LD)


The missile banks are a fearsome long range weapon useful in doing good reliable damage even against distant enemy units. Stocks are very limited, but with its short lifetime the Bomber depletes them in the shortest time possible so that they don't explode together. Beware Flak. Due to low load capacity, they only can fire one salvo, and one with even less missiles than a normal PACT salvo - until Liberation Day.

  • damage: 30 x 6 (40 x 10 in LD)
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 70


The Bomber is able to fire a fearsome warhead from its missile banks, that while a lot smaller than the capital ships equivalent is still quite powerful. A rocket is quite a bit tougher compared to a regular missile and is harder to intercept by enemy flak. Being the only pirate units with missiles (apart from the Havoc and their bases, they basically tend to rely on poor flak coverage and these Rockets. Their main achievement are that they somehow are more powerful than PACT's equivalent (until Liberation Day).

  • damage: 375 x 1 (450 x 1 in LD)
  • energy use: 50 EN
  • base accuracy: 60
  • enemy flak reduction: 10