Sunrider Wiki
Pirate Ironhog
Base Stats
Classification Destroyer
Affiliation Pirates
HP 480
Energy 100
Armor 7
Evasion -10
Move cost 20
Flak strength / range 60 / 1
Rockets 3
Kill reward $175

The Pirate Ironhog is a fast destroyer-sized vessel for eliminating much larger ships. It launches highly powerful rockets, and its unmatched flak ability give it excellent protection against the enemy's own missiles. Unfortunately, the pirate's seemingly intractable lack of shielding leave the 'hog exposed to laser fire. It serves primarily as a glass cannon, hoping to inflict as much damage as possible before it is neutralized.


While it only has 2 weapons, both are quite powerful. The assault gun is powerful against ryders that get to close and its rockets will make short work of any ship even at a long range.


The vessel's flak cannons can be used offensively against enemy targets and are particularly devastating against poorly armored enemy ryders. Its has an exceptional shot count even for an assault weapon, along with fairly good accuracy. As such it can shred unprotected targets with remarkable ease, especially if double-fired.

  • damage: 19 x 23 (19 x 25 in LD)
  • energy cost: 50 EN
  • base accuracy: 65


The Ironhog's main attack is a volley of four rockets with as much potential damage as an Alliance Battleship's main gun while having far greater accuracy and range. Just one or two hits can be seriously damaging; all four rockets connecting will ruin almost any target's day. Even flak has difficulty stopping this threat, due to the flak resistance intrinsic to all rockets. Oh, and the Ironhog can do this three times.

  • damage: 275 x 4
  • energy cost: 60 EN
  • base accuracy: 80
  • enemy flak reduction: 10