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The Prototypes are a race of genetically modified superhumans created on Diode and mass-produced through cloning. According to Veniczar B. Fontana, upon surpassing their creators, they caused the Diode Catastrophe and scattered across the galaxy. They then embedded themselves in the galactic power structure, using their talents to work towards the enslavement of ordinary humans. The most prominent of these infiltrators was Veniczar S. Arcadius. At the time of the Second Battle of Helion, Arcadius claimed that the Prototypes "already number in the hundreds". Prototypes are capable of short-ranged telepathic communication with one another. All known Prototypes have been distinguished by their short, feminine-styled periwinkle hair and youthful facial appearance, regardless of gender.

Known Prototypes include:

  • Alpha Prototype (Believed to be the leader. Alice said she was greater than the others, meaning that she is the perfect form)
  • Veniczar S. Arcadius
  • Alice - Prototype 4L1C3 (Unmasked Arcadius)
  • Lynn - Prototype L7NN
  • Chigara Lynn Ashada (A "C8" model of the prototypes, somehow broke free of the "hive mind")
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