Since times of the Holy Ryuvian Empire, Ryders have become powerful tools of destruction. While after the Ryuvian Wars (which reseted the calendar) the technology disappeared for a while, the discovery of an old Ryder of the times before (Lost Technology) during The Alliance-Imperial War allowed the replication of machines similar to it. While crude imitations with not even a tenth of the power, these units had the advantage of being easily built and maintained. Since then, it has been the more numerous and cheap models that have ruled the battlefield together with capital ships. Even in the old Ryuvian Empire, the use of mass produced automated units was very extensive, doing indispensable functions like patrolling and serving as support fire. While some battles were decided in epic duels of knights and Sharrs in heavily customized machines, these duels were only possible due to the hundreds if not thousands of Ryders offering support and avoiding any kind of interference, and thanks to the great ritual importance given to warfare. Modern wars rely even more on mass produced numbers. While some singular and elite units still remain, the true heroes of the battlefield are the hundreds of regular machines that fight every battle and siege. This is a list of every one of these regular models.

  • Paladin (probably a custom model based on a mass-production one)

  • Seraphim (the Seraphim is merely considered a scout, and not a full fledged Ryder)
  • Nightmare


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