Sunrider Wiki
Rescue Diplomats
Battle number ?
Location Versta
Result Sunrider victory
Sunrider PACT
Kayto Shields
Game strength
Black Jack
4 PACT Mooks
2 PACT Cruisers
Unknown Hostile

"Rescue Diplomats" is the fourth main mission in Sunrider. Arriving for the Alliance task, the Sunrider warped into a recon squad from PACT. What battle have to be fight after this depend on the decision made in the story afterwards. Either you choose to escort the diplomats with the children out of the sector or you left the Agamemnon behind in the sector to spark an Alliance-PACT-war.


Admiral Grey contacted the Sunrider and its captain and gave the mission to go to the world Versta and escort the Alliance's diplomats out of the sector, because an invasion fleet from PACT is already approaching this world and their mission to convince the local government to temporary join the Alliance didn't seem to be succesful either. But shortly after the warp they encountered a recon squad from PACT and an unknown Ryder. After destroying the PACT squad and 'special unit', it turned out only its booster was destroyed leaving the unknown Ryder behind for boarding. After an interrogation of the captured Ryder-pilot Icari Isidolde, the captain is left with two choices: Escorting the Agamemnon or leaving it behind as prey to spark an Alliance-PACT war.


Focusing out early a cruiser can help in the long run, as those tend to get close to each other and with their overlapping shields, the Liberty need to perma use the shut off leaving no room for repairs until one cruiser is down, except you want to deal reduced damage to them and the mooks. Or you focus out the mooks first, use kinetics if the cruisers get close and finish off the last cruiser then. The hostile come in the 2nd Turn and use laser attacks, but is hopefully not really dangerous due your shielding.