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Base Stats
Classification Ryder
Pilot / CO Sola
Affiliation Holy Ryuvian Empire
HP 375
Energy 100
Armor 4
Evasion 20
Move cost 30

The Seraphim is Sola's ryder. A model dating from the golden times of the Holy Ryuvian Empire, it's a piece of Lost Technology. Despite it, while it has a number of incredibly advanced systems, it's combat prowess is limited relative to other pieces of Lost Technology, the reason being that for the Ryuvian empire the Seraphim was merely designated as a scout and emergency machine (and it went 2000 years without maintenance). The fact that despite it it's still able to fight equally to other customized Ryders shows the true might of the Holy Ryuvian Empire. It's unlocked after completing the battle at the Ryuvian's ships graveyard.

The Seraphim has extremely low starting HP at 375, but makes up for it with its powerful kinetic rifle capable of dealing massive damage at extremely long ranges, even against enemy ships. Due to its power the Seraphim is often prioritized by enemy attacks, thus it's recommended that you upgrade its hp so that it can withstand at least a turn of attacks, or find some other way to protect it. Another way would be to use Awaken, a very powerful ability that, in exchange of 100 Energy and the loss of 75 HP, gives the Seraphim a buff of 100% accuracy and power (effectively doubling them) for the next two turns. While this also prevents the Seraphim from shooting in the first turn, this can be advantageous as if the Seraphim doesn't damage/destroy any enemy unit it is less likely that the enemy will pay attention oto her. You will have to be careful the next turns, however (especially because it lowers its HP), and also take into account that (in Mask of Arcadius) it will substitute any other buff that you previously cast on her (Full Forward, ATK up and Aim Up won't work on her after she "awakens", the buffs are not stackable). In liberation Day you can stack various buffs making her potentially one of the most powerful units in the game.


The Seraphim is only equipped with one weapon, a kinetic sniper rifle capable of firing supra-luminal shots (1.5 times the speed of light). This gives it more precision than lasers, but it has a high energy consumption.


Button kinetic.png

An attack from the Seraphim's sniper rifle with good power and excellent accuracy, excellent for picking off even armored targets at extended range. After using Awaken it becomes the most powerful kinetic weapon used by ryders in the game.

  • damage: 300
  • base accuracy: 150
  • energy cost: 100 EN


Button awaken.png

Sola's unique special ability, she activates various bodily enhancements granted to her as Ryuvian royalty to obtain enhanced vision, motion control and analytical capabilities, translating to a massive increase in the accuracy and damage of the Seraphim's kinetic rifle.

In Mask of Arcadius, Awaken does not stack with the Full Forward order and other attack and accuracy buffs. In Liberation Day it does, allowing for a massive damage boost with stacked damage buffs (Full Forward and ATK Up; two shots can do close to 2500 damage without any damage upgrades other than the free ones at start, killing anything short of a PACT Assault Carrier.

  • buff: 100% accuracy and damage for 3 turns
  • cost: 100 EN and -75 HP (100 EN and -100 HP in LD)