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Shadow Ops Helion

The Reason why Legion is in the system

Battle number ?
Location Helion System
Result PACT victory
Sunrider PACT
Kayto Shields Veniczar B. Fontana
Cosette Cosmos
Game strength
Black Jack
3 PACT Battleships
1 PACT Carrier
2 PACT Assault Carriers
4 PACT Elites
2 Pirate Bombers
2 PACT Supports
2 Pirate Ironhogs
2 Pirate Bombers
4 PACT Elites
4 PACT Assault Carriers
5 PACT Battleships
7 PACT Cruisers

Shadow Ops Helion is a story driven main battle happening due the detection of the Sunrider while undertaking a shadow ops what the Legion is doing in the helion system.


After an intel report from the Alliance about Legion's sighting in the Helion System, Kayto and his Sunrider was contracted to scout the situation while four Alliance fleets are underway to it. Due the delicate situation of facing the Legion, the Sunrider undergo a shadow operation to avoid being detected by it. During the recon what the Legion is doing in this system, the ship discovered an till then unknown structure. As it was built close the star, the interferences was very strong and so they had to reduce the distance to be able to scan it better. Unfortunately after their discovery about the structures' true nature, they were suddenly detected and intercepted by the standby PACT and pirate fleets. To avoid the battle an emergency warp was planned but, because of electronic interferences, it was time-consuming to calculate. While doing these, the Sunrider defended itself but then suffered a critical hit to the warp drive from the Legion's Vanguard Cannon first shot and became inoperative. The second hit hurt Kayto badly and did unknown damage to the ship. Somehow the crew managed to get the warp drive functional again to escape the deadly confrontation.


You have to hold out 6 turns.
Sounds easy, but due the PACT Battleships and PACT Supports this can be tricky as going defensive will be hampered by the supports and being offensive can be ruined due the massive rocket amount thrown at you. With many reinforcements it will be hard to stay alive. Having repair drones handy or CP for Vanguard cannon/warp to kill key targets can be crucial to survive.
Sad there is no option given to fight the whole battle for those doing well, as the victory is achieved after the PACT phase is over in the 6th turn.

Turn 2
1 PACT Battleship
2 PACT Elites
Turn 3
4 PACT Cruisers
2 Pirate Bombers
Turn 4
2 PACT Battleships
Turn 5
2 PACT Assault Carriers
Turn 6
2 PACT Assault Carriers
2 PACT Elites
3 PACT Cruisers
2 PACT Battleships