Sunrider Wiki
The Sharr'Lac
Base Stats
Classification Superdreadnought
Pilot / CO Sola vi Ryuvia (formerly)
Affiliation Ryuvia
HP Unknown
Energy Unknown
Armor Unknown
Evasion Unknown

The Sharr'Lac is an extremely powerful ship that is Lost Technology, built and left by the ancient Ryuvians. Measuring around 4 km in length, it surpasses the Legion in size, therefore also classifying it as a super-dreadnought class ship. The entire ship is meant to be flown by a single person, more specifically the Princess of Ryuvia, while assisted by advanced AI. Its main weapon is the Final Tear, which creates a blast powerful enough to destroy almost anything within a half light-year radius. However, such a powerful weapon cannot be used without sacrificing the Princess piloting the ship. The ship itself, however remains intact after the weapon is used, allowing it to be reused again, providing the empire has another princess to sacrifice. Other than the Final Tear, the ship is also equipped with enormous Ryder carrying capabilities, allowing it to house up to a thousand Ryders, owing to its immense size. It also capable of functioning as a flagship, providing support for Ryuvian fleets.

It has lain dormant for centuries in the Mnemosyne Abyss until the Sunrider and her crew visits it in search for the Talbur. Captain Shields first meets Sola here.


Warning: Spoilers

During the peak of the Holy Ryuvian Empire, ships that possess the same firepower as the Sharr'Lac were once common. As humanity now had the power to wipe themselves out so easily, wise Emperors during that time decreed that such power should be restrained before the Ryuvian Empire ends up destroying itself. From that point on, the Sharr'Lac is the only ship permitted to have this power, and even then, the use of its main weapon will sacrifice the beloved daughter of the Emperor. With the price of infinite power so high, even the most arrogant Emperors will think twice before using it.

Approximately 2000 years ago, Ryuvian Empire is in a midst of a bloody civil war. Crow Harbor, an illegitimate heir, wishes to forcefully seize the throne of Ryuvia for himself. On the other hand, the Emperor and Crown Prince has been assassinated, with their deaths being blamed on Crow. Over the years, Crow's forces, known as the Fallen, slowly managed to gain the upper hand over the Empire's loyalist forces, known as Farrari. It soon became obvious that they need to use the Sharr'Lac in order to defeat Crow. The true princess of Ryuvia was unwilling to sacrifice her own life, so she used her connections and managed to track down one Sola vi Ryuvia, an illegitimate princess like Crow, to force her to use the Sharr'Lac in her place. Having no choice, Sola obliged.

However, mere moments before the Final Tear is activated, Sola is somehow brought 2000 years into the future, sparing her from certain death. However, she is unaware of this, as she is kept in a frozen stasis. Just 3 months later, the Sunrider and her crew encounters the now decrepit Sharr'Lac in the Mnemosyne Abyss. Sent by the present-day Ryuvia to locate a relic known as the Crown Jewel, Asaga Oakrun makes her way into the Sharr'Lac to search for it. However, the onboard AI detects Asaga's presence. Perceiving her as an intruder, it releases Sola from her frozen stasis, whom proceeds to attack Asaga before escaping on a Ryder to fight the Sunrider, assuming that the ship is an enemy who disabled the Sharr'Lac.

Being forced to defend themselves, the Sunrider and its crew eventually manages to destroy the automated Ryuvian fleet she commanded along with copies of herself, forcing her to fight the Sunrider head on. She fires on the Liberty, but the shot is deflected by Asaga, who regained consciousness after her attack and is now assisting the rest of her crew. Stunned by this feat, Sola deduced that who she is fighting may not be the enemy. She stands down and offers her surrender. But moments later, the Sharr'Lac, having malfunctioned from age, does not power down its systems and instead tries to restart its main weapon as well as power more automated Ryuvian ships. This causes its reactor to overload, prompting Kayto to order all Ryders to return to the Sunrider, including Sola's own. With the Ryders now safely inside the Sunrider, it warps out of the area just moments before it explodes from a core meltdown, destroying itself as well as everything else in the area.