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Sola vi Ryuvia
Academy sola.jpg
Original character Sola vi Ryuvia
Gender Female
Nationality Cera
Occupation Sunrider Academy student
Rank Junior
Swiming Club Captain
Family Unknown

Sola vi Ryuvia is an unplayable character in Sunrider Academy. She is based on the character of the same name from the main series.

Sola is the club leader of the Sunrider Academy Swimming Club. She is seemingly an emotionless girl.



Sola is an emotionless and silent girl who prefer to live in solitude rather than enjoying the crowd. Due to the problem with her own existence as she is occasionally on the verge of disappearing from existence she becomes more accepting of her own fate.


Early Life

Sola started her life as an orphan at the mountain, she got adopted by the priest and she treated them as her family.

Due to her understanding of her problem, she joined the Swimming Club as she realizes the disappearing process can be delayed by staying inside any water pool.

Involvement in Other Routes

Asaga's Route

Ava's Route

Chigara's Route

Tips and Tricks

Conversation tips:

  • Focus on Science, Homework, Weather, Politics, and Religion.
  • When you want to send a gift to her it's recommended to send her Holo and Incence Set.


Kayto Shields (Academy) - If you follow Sola Route she will become Kayto love interest or otherwise she will be his friend.

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