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Sunrider: The Novelization is an official text novel depicting the events in Sunrider, with some variations. It is written by WoolyShambler.

Sunrider: The Novelization initially started as a fan project by amateur author WoolyShambler and was posted on the innomenpro forums. After the fourth chapter, Sunrider: The Novelization was adopted as the official text novel accompanying the Sunrider visual novel by Love in Space and is now additionally hosted on Love in Space's official website where it is published as a free web series.

The Novelization includes dialogue and scene variations from the visual novel as well as a number of scenes exclusive to the Novelization. The Novelization follows primarily moralist decisions, although both the director of Love in Space and the author of the Novelization have re-iterated time and again that the prince/moralist choices featured are non-canon. Elements from the Novelization (i.e. Liberty's repair drones, Alliance gunships, etc.) have been used to officially answer questions regarding the Sunrider universe, perhaps indicating that the setting, if not the choices, presented in the novel are at least in part canon.

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