Sunrider Wiki
The perfect ship for a space hero
Base Stats
Classification Assault Carrier
Pilot / CO Kayto Shields
Ava Crescentia
Affiliation Cera
HP 1500
Energy 100
Armor 15
Evasion -25
Move cost 30
Shield strength / range 15 / 0 (upgrade required)
Flak strength / range 40 / 2
Missiles 1 (MoA)
5 (LD)
Rockets 2

The Sunrider is the newest ship in the Ceran fleet. She's armed like a warship, but built like a carrier and can field up to twelve ryders. The Sunrider is colossal in size but still sleek looking. Her biggest asset is in the Vanguard Cannon and she can be flown with a crew of just 50. She has shown through many battles that it has offensive capabilities rivaling the ones from a standard PACT Battleship, with more agility and higher tactical flexibility thanks to its ryders.


Measuring 735 meters of length, the Sunrider is consistently described as a behemoth, but a sleek looking one. With the hangar at deck 2 (the lowest part) below the bridge, the Sunrider concentrates its armament on top of its hull, and the Vanguard cannon taking up space throughout the length of the ship. With enough space for it's crew of 50, it also has exclusive quarters for both the captain and the First Officer, and a Mess Hall. All windows inside the quarters are actually holographic (showing what would be seen using the Sunrider's multiple sensors), and the ones in the Mess Hall contain armored sliding walls that close during combat protecting the interior (there are sliding walls too in the cabinets to avoid the loss of supplies).

This sliding-bulkhead countermeasure is also utilized for the Sunrider's Ryder-deployment system to seal it after the Ryders are launched, which in turn connects to a large central hanger bay that can carry a maximum of twelve Ryders. The topmost point of the Sunrider isn't the bridge, but an observation deck designed to be used as last resort for making optical observations in case of shadow operations or ECM attacks, which, like the Mess Hall, have armored plates that slide shut over the windows in case of combat. The bridge is actually at the centermost of the ship for maximum protection.

Although the Sunrider was intended to be equipped with a energy shield generator, Cera was attacked by PACT before it could be installed. A shield can later be procured from the store. In the Novelization, the ship initially has an auxiliary-generator that is burnt out during it's escape from Cera.

Inconsistent or Disputable Elements[]

The Novelization, being an "Official" but explicitly non-canon interpretation of Sunrider as recognized by Love In Space depicts the Sunrider slightly differently than the canon description of the vessel, with several features that are either different from the cannon at worst or entirely up for interpretation at best. For the sake of avoiding a collapse of the narrative, the author has stated they intend to persist with the differences, which are noted here simply for the sake of clarification.

There is a discrepancy in the Novelization regarding the crew's size, as it states that the Sunrider was manned by roughly 90 naval officers of varying ranks and duties, along with roughly 270 engineers engineers and technicians and three dozen marines along with a host of civilian contractors and other ancillary staff - at least seven or eight times the 50-crew compliment that supposedly serves as the vessel's limit. Alternatively though, this could quite simply be the maximum number of crew the ship could carry as opposed to it's then-current count, or the number of crew the vessel was expected to have prior to being forced into deployment with a skeleton crew at the Battle of Cera.

An inconsistency arises regarding the Ryders always needing to dock with or board the Sunrider before the ship warps out, even having story elements dedicated emergency landings being done to guarantee this, whereas in the game and cannon a vessel's warp-field allows it to 'pull' small-scale objects such as Ryders along with it so long as they remain within 1,000 meters of the vessel's hull when it 'jumps'. In most instances though, the emergency landings can be justified as getting the Ryders out of harm's way in situations where they may also carry a storm of harmful debris with their 'warp envelope' - such as when escaping the Starship Graveyard at the Nomodorn Corridor - or recovering them from combat-situations where they have suffered severe damage or ammunition-depletion - such as at Far Port and Helion.

Additionally, the Sunrider in the game itself was described as having not had any form of shielding during or immediately after the Battle of Cera, but the Novelization instead depicts the vessel having a working shield generator with which to counteract the Legion's attack, which burns out as a result. It is however possible that this was an auxiliary shield generator, which subsequently burned out because it was not designed to withstand the amount of energy that the vessel's then-absent primary generator was meant to take.

There is also a discrepancy in the number of the Sunrider's trinities - in the Novel, Ava is nicknamed the "Seventh Savior" by the crew, but the Sunrider only possesses four Savior Batteries; two along the front and two more on the back. Additionally, if counted by the number of cannons (three per battery), then the Sunrider possesses twelve Savior cannons altogether, which makes far too many for the nickname to make sense. The Author admitted to having not noticed the Sunrider had rear-mounted Savior batteries, hence the inconsistency. However, it's possible to justify as that the nickname "Seventh Savior" comes from the idea that Ava is regarded as being a seventh frontal Savior cannon, which spearheads the ship to victory against adversity - be it PACT or paperwork. It's possible the crew is only counting the forward-facing batteries, treating those as the "main" Saviors and the rear-ones as "reserve" batteries since the Sunrider tends to use only these frontal Saviors when in combat, with the rear-mounted batteries hardly seeing use since they would only be engaged if the Sunrider were attacking an enemy directly behind it or to it's immediate flank in a broadside maneuver - both of which Kayto and any competent ship captain likely tend to avoid if they can help it.

Another issue revolves around the Ryder deployment system - in canon, the Ryders are actually deployed from and dock at the 'mouth' of the Sunrider at its bow, with the launching-shaft doubling as the firing tube for the Sunrider's Vanguard Cannon. The Vanguard cannon itself descends from the launch-shaft's ceiling at the entrance to the vessel. In the Novelization however, the Sunrider is depicted as having a system based on lateral deployment tubes on its ventral side - six on either side of the vessel, and has a rear hangar accessible at the stern of the ship by conventional hangar doors. The author was unaware of the canon interpretation of Ryder launches at the time of writing the novel, but has also stated that the difference will persist for continuity reasons so as not to disrupt the story's narrative. However, it is also possible to try and justify the existence of the system as the lateral tubes could be a backup or secondary deployment position used to launch the Ryders and quickly deploy them to the Sunrider's flanks, while the frontal launching-bay is used to deploy Ryders forward of the ship for quick advances - as well as claiming that Kayto's unorthodox tactics and a propensity for starting battles from a close-knit formation sees one system more use then the other.

Size comparison of the Sunrider with a PACT Cruiser, a frigate and the Phoenix (Cosette wouldn't even reach one pixel)

Notable Crew[]

Ryder Compliment[]

  • Upgrade blackjack button.png Black Jack - Multipurpose Assault-Class Ryder; Operated by Asaga Oakrun Upgrade blackjack button hover.png
  • Upgrade liberty button.png Liberty - Support/Cyberwarfare & Counterintelligence Support-Class Ryder; Operated by Chigara Lynn Ashada Upgrade liberty button hover.png
  • Upgrade phoenix button.png Phoenix - Stealth-Support & Close-Quarters Melee Interceptor-Class Ryder; Operated by Icari Isidolde Upgrade phoenix button hover.png
  • Upgrade bianca button.png Bianca - Anti-Unit & Anti-Vessel Support-Class Ryder; Operated by Claude Triello Upgrade bianca hover.png
  • Upgrade seraphim button.png Seraphim - Ryuvian Long-Distance Sniper Support-Class Ryder; Operated by Sola vi Ryuvia Upgrade seraphim hover.png
  • Upgrade paladin button.png Paladin - Heavy Artillery & Anti-Ship Bombardment-Class Ryder; Operated by Kryska Stares Upgrade paladin button hover.png
  • Upgrade havoc button.png Havoc - Multipurpose Bombardment-Type Ryder; (formally) Operated by Cosette Cosmos Upgrade havoc hover.png

(NOTE: In Sunrider: Liberation Day, the Havoc only becomes potentially available if Cosette Cosmos is captured, and even then Kayto must choose to have the machine restored as opposed to Ava's order to scrap it)


The ship has 6 standard weapons in addition to its Vanguard Cannon.


Button laser.png

The Sunrider's Trinity banks allow for accurate fire from a great distance but has the lowest damage potential of all her main weapons. This weapon is countered by shielding. It is effective against light targets such as Ryders or frigates.

  • damage: 200 x 1
  • energy cost: 70 EN
  • base accuracy: 120


Button kinetic.png

The Sunrider's main forward guns, called Saviors, do massive damage against any target it hits, but have the lowest accuracy of its main weapons. Its main use is against low evasion targets like enemy cruisers and stations and targets with high defences.

  • damage: 400 x 1
  • energy cost: 70 EN
  • base accuracy: 70


Button missile.png

The Sunrider's missile banks, formally called Hell Darts, are a fearsome long range weapon useful in dealing good reliable damage even against distant enemy units. Stocks are very limited however, so it's best to keep them for when they'll be most useful. Beware enemy Flak!

  • damage: 50 x 10
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 80


Button pulse.png

The Sunrider's Pulse cannons do reliable energy damage with decent accuracy and is an effective option against most poorly defended units. Since it's a multi-shot weapon though enemy armor will be effective in countering it - especially if it is also protected by energy shielding. Becomes available after the mission Repair and Resupply.

  • damage: 25 x 10 (25 x 9 in LD)
  • energy cost: 40 EN
  • base accuracy: 90


Button assault.png

The Sunrider's flak cannons can be used offensively against enemy targets and are particularly devastating against poorly armored enemy ryders. Its high shot count makes it a very reliable damage dealer even against highly evasive targets. Any armor though is likely to negate most damage.

  • damage: 12 x 20
  • energy cost: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 70


Button rocket.png

The Sunrider is able to fire a fearsome but very expensive thermonuclear warhead from its missile banks. A rocket is quite a bit tougher compared to a regular missile and is harder to intercept by enemy flak, but it's still wise to overwhelm the enemy with regular missiles before risking one. Each rocket must be bought from the store at a cost of $300, so use sparingly.

  • damage: 800 x 1 (1200 x 1 after store upgrade)
  • energy use: 30 EN
  • base accuracy: 100 (degrades only 5% every cell)
  • enemy flak reduction: 10

Upgrade Tips[]

General tips around modifying the Sunrider.
Must Have:
Buying the shield upgrade and upgrading the shield range and power one time to create the Holy 7!


Hull Plating: Increasing HP.
Energy Reactor: Increasing energy of the ship. This may let you move or shoot more often.
Evasion: Reduce enemy accuracy(hitchance) by 5 by increasing Evasion by 5. Partly useful against kinetics/laser fire.


Kinetic Damage: Increase damage to have an easier time killing enemies. Assault benefit from this as well, as more armor is needed to stop it. Read below in bold at which upgrade you OS, and in italics with a chance, which enemy with Kinetics.
Kinetic Accuracy: The forth upgrade let you shoot one grid further. The ninth upgrade a second one.
Kinetic Energy Cost: Reduce the energy cost to shoot kinetic weapons. Read below at which point you shoot how often cost-efficient.

Number of Shots:
2 Shots:
Upgrading Energy to 120($1420) and reducing Kinetic Energy cost to 59/85%($700) for a total cost of $2120.
3 Shots:
Upgrading Energy to 135($4762) and reducing Energy cost to 45/65%($12700) for a total cost of $17462.


Energy Damage: Increase damage to have an easier time killing enemies. Especially Pulse benefit from this, as against Spaceships' armor it can be difficult to deal any damage. Read below in bold at which upgrade you OS, and in italics with a chance, which enemy with Lasers.
Energy Accuracy: Every two upgrades let you shoot one grid further.
Energy Cost: Reduce the energy cost to shoot energy weapons. Read below at which point you shoot how often cost-efficient.

Number of Shots:
2 Shots:
Upgrading Energy to 110($480) and reducing Energy cost to 54/77.5%($604) for a total cost of $1084.
3 Shots:
Upgrading Energy to 115($872) and reducing Energy cost to 38/55%($4124) for a total cost of $4996.
4 Shots:
Upgrading Energy to 135($4762) and reducing Energy cost to 33/47.5%($7522) for a total cost of $12284.
5 Shots:
Upgrading Energy to 140($6864) and reducing Energy cost to 28/40%($13638) for a total cost of $20502.


Missile Damage:
Missile Flak Resistance:
Missile Energy Cost:
Missile Storage:


Shield Power: Except the first upgrade, all other are basically wasting money, as the only situations in which this is useful are: When the Sunrider is alone or Liberty's/Bianca's shields got shut down by PACT Supports and both situations should be avoided. Read Holy 7 for explanation.
Shield Range: Except the first upgrade, the next one is to expensive as it would be worth it and is a waste, if you don't hire any of the mercenary units, instead increasing Liberty's/Bianca's shield range a second time would be better due their higher shield power. Read Holy 7 for explanation.
Flak: Upgrading it twice is cheap, but further upgrades are to expensive and it's wiser to spread the flak upgrades accross all units to increase the effectiveness, as the costs double with only half the effect, and the possibility of being stripped off of it by PACT Supports.

Notable Quotes[]

During combat Sunrider's dialogue is delivered by Ava. The only exception is when Kayto gives the order to fire the Vanguard Cannon.


  • "The Sunrider is at your disposal captain."
  • "All systems are green."
  • "Yes captain?"

Move forward:

  • "All ahead, full."
  • "We will engage the enemy face to face."
  • "Forward!"

Move backward:

  • "Reverse course."
  • "Fall back!"
  • "Give us some distance!"

Fire kinetics:

  • "Fire saviors!"
  • "Initiating shock and awe!"

Fire lasers:

  • "Charge trinities. Fire!"

Fire assault:

  • "Fire flak. Take them out."

Launch missiles:

  • "All missiles free!"
  • "Our missiles are away!"
  • "Firing hell dart missiles!"

Hit enemy:

  • "On target!"
  • "Confirmed hit!"
  • "The hit is solid captain."
  • "We have struck the enemy!"

Missed enemy:

  • "The attack has gone wild!"
  • "Negative hit!"

Enemy shot evaded:

  • "Hard to port!"
  • "It appears your luck is holding, captain."

Hits taken:

  • "Our hull is holding."
  • "Our hull is beginning to fracture!"
  • "Sections 32, 60, and two have been compromised!"
  • "Hull breaches on deck zero!"
  • "Our systems are catastrophically failing one by one!"
  • "She's breaking apart, captain!"
  • "Warning! Core implosion imminent!"
  • "Recommend we abandon ship!"


  • "The Sunrider has sustained critical damage! The core is melting down!"
  • "Energy spike detected! All hands—!"

Vanguard cannon:

  • "Prepare to fire the Vanguard Cannon. Vanguards, fire!"