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Campusmap base.jpg
The Sunrider Academy campus layout

The Sunrider Academy is a prestigious high school in the heart of Cera City, described by Kayto Shields as an experimental educational facility which "gathers the brightest young minds from across the planet." It forms the primary setting of Sunrider Academy.


  • Auditorium
  • Cafeteria: A place to have lunch.
  • Classroom: Daily studies take place here. Kayto can relieve stress by eating Asaga's or Chigara's packed lunches here.
  • Court yard: A place to have lunch. The kendo club holds practice here temporarily after failing to file a facility request form.
  • Gymnasium: The kendo club practices and holds events here. Outside club hours, Kayto can work out here.
  • Library: A place for study and doing homework.
  • Pool: The swim club practices and holds events here.
  • Science lab: The science club does research here.
  • Student council: Where council meetings are held, and Kayto gives presentations on the club progress.
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