Sunrider Wiki

Thanks to the organization of a Love in Space Discord server, the state of the Sunrider Wiki has been thrust into the spotlight as a result of greater fandom interaction. And the state of the wiki is... Wanting... To say the least. Articles range from TL;DR novellas following a character's exploits throughout the game to stubs that don't give any worthwhile information whatsoever. With Shining Song Starnova, Love in Space's current project, about to roll out the door, many fans are hoping that Sunrider will be continued next. To that end, the wiki must be prepared, and when Sunrider 4 is released, the wiki will not be found wanting in information for new and old fans alike. To that end, I propose several phases to improving the wiki. Please feel free to discuss these phases, or any additional changes you want on this page's talk page.

Phase 1: Overhaul of Existing Articles

Taking what's already here and overhauling it. The biggest spotlight shone here is on character articles. Namely, the main cast: Kayto Shields, Ava Crescentia, Asaga Oakrun, Chigara Lynn Ashada, Icari Isidolde, Claude Triello, Sola vi Ryuvia and Kryska Stares, and their Academy versions (henceforth referred to as "Kayto and the Girls"). These articles exemplify the above statement about being either TL;DR or insignificant stubs. All of the articles need work, and they should be the top priority.

These articles also lack information on LD and [Re]turn, as well as pictures from LD.

Phase 2: Adding Missing Canon Articles

There are several articles that are just don't exist. Namely, Academy articles of characters, a few main story character articles (such as Alpha), and an article dedicated to [Re]turn.

Phase 3: Gameplay

The wiki lacks articles detailing actual gameplay. Whether it be terms like aggro, or most importantly, missions. An article for each in game mission detailing strategy, tactics, reinforcements and tips is a must.

Phase 4: Fandom

Once we've gotten all the canon down, we can start adding fan stuff. Things like the novelization, mods, and how characters are viewed in the fandom are reserved for this point.

Phase 5: Wiki "Personalizing"

This is making the wiki more unique. Taking things like stub templates or spoiler warning boxes and tweaking them to fit the wiki better than the boring standards that we have. Using pictures, memes, quotes and quirks from the game to make the wiki stand out on its own and fit the Sunrider universe better.