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You feel a sudden inexplicable need for pastries
Class 3 / Arid
Affiliation Mining Union
Population 3 million

An independent planet in the Neutral Rim, Tydaria is only a class 3 planet, and, because of it, barely habitable. With only a population of 3 million of habitants, Tydaria's only source of income is its mining industry, and indeed all of its habitant have a work related with it. Due to the strength of the mining industry, Tydaria is a stronghold of the Mining Union, to the point that more than the government is the branch of the Union that controls everything, to the dry docks for spaceships, to hiring mercenaries to patrol the zone. The later is needed because of the continuous extraction of ore, that makes Tydaria an incredible important space port relative to its population. Due to this a gang of pirates has become infamous for intercepting numerous merchant vessels, led by Cosette Cosmos. Aside from this gang there also numerous others that raid less guarded planets of the surroundings for slaves and money. Due to this, the Union has taken the matter into its hands to hire freelancers such as Asaga Oakrun to destroy any possible pirate raid.