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Veniczar S. Arcadius
The Mask of Evil!
Gender Unknown
Nationality ??
Occupation Leader of PACT
Rank Veniczar
Family Prototypes
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Veniczar S. Arcadius is the mysterious leader of PACT, intent on dominating every human being in the galaxy. He was the leader of The PACT Revolution since it's mid stages, so theoretically he/she should be in their sixties. Despite this, due to his/her young looks and short stature he/she appears young. Combining this with his/her mask and the fact that he/she always speaks through a computer, a lot of people suspect that he/she is a group of different people, and that the name of Arcadius may have passed through a lot of leaders to make the illusion of an immortal leader. Indeed, immortality seems to be the obsession of he/she, or at least the current Arcadius. He/She also presents a great interest in Lost Technology.

Arcadius always wears a mask to hide his/her identity. Despite this, he/she is a sufficiently charismatic leader to rule PACT as a totalitarian state and counts with the loyalty of Veniczar B. Fontana. Arcadius's flagship is the Legion, the most powerful ship in all the PACT Fleet.


Note: (WARNING - Spoilers ahead for the plot of Sunrider: First Arrival & Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius & Sunrider Liberation Day. Read at your own risk!!)

Arcadius arose at the height of the PACT Revolution, leading the Compact movement to victory against the New Empire. Following the conquest and sack of New Eden, Arcadius disappeared from view, resurfacing several months later. At this point Compact was superseded by PACT, a highly nationalist and paranoid power. PACT began a systematic conquest of the Neutral Rim, and captured Asaga di Ryuvia, runaway heir to the ancient kingdom of Ryuvia. Aiming to claim Ryuvia's prestige and secrets for himself, Arcadius forced Asaga into marriage, then murdered King Jaylor XIII of Ryuvia and took over the planet. However, the wedding was thwarted by Captain Kayto Shields and the Sunrider in Operation Wedding Crash.

Afterwards, PACT invaded the Solar Alliance, but was defeated at the Battle of Far Port and pushed back across the Neutral Rim. At the Second Battle of Helion, Arcadius attempted to bait the Sunrider and four Alliance fleets into the trap of the Paradox Core. However, their subordinate Veniczar B. Fontana betrayed Arcadius, seizing him and disarming the Paradox Core. Fontana revealed that the current "Arcadius" was actually a Prototype, one of the race of super humans emerging from the Diode Catastrophe, and executed the person previously thought to be Arcadius.

In Liberation Day it was revealed that "Arcadius" was the title taken collectively by the Prototypes, who were headed by a single mind - Alice, whom the prior Venizcar Arcadius had helped out when he found her on the streets, with Alice gradually falling in love with him. It also seemed that the previous Arcadius sought a more peaceful solution with New Empire, feeling that the two parties should reconcile their differences. However, when the Compact liberated New Eden, an angry mob of civilians was out for the blood of the empire, and. Arcadius died trying to stop the mob from killing the dethroned Emperor - vainly so, for it was not long after his demise the emperor died as well. This served as the catalyst for Alice's hate of humanity, taking up Arcadius' name to use in destroying the race that took the man she loved from her.

Arcadius's full, unmasked profile.