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A former territory of the Holy Ryuvian Empire, Versta was kept within the empire for a little more than the rest of the Galaxy, being situated very near Ryuvia Prime (at the southern eastern edge of the galaxy). The accelerated decline of Ryuvia after The Alliance-Imperial War however sparked with the independence of Versta, which probably proclaimed its autonomy just after the war (or maybe it was an article of treaty of Vespa that regulated the formation of the Neutral Rim, it is unknown). However, after so many years under Ryuvian rule the planet was unable to adapt itself, and suffered years of civil unrest and war. President Zefiris managed to finally reform and stabilize to country, which produced an economic and population boom for Versta. Despite being only a class 7 planet (habitable, but without much resources) and having very low population due to the years of Ryuvian decline and civil unrest, Versta finally seemed to have a brilliant future. This potential, however, attracted both The Alliance and PACT interest. Versta being a democratic country, the Solaris Congress decided to propose the adhesion of Versta to the Alliance and sent a diplomatic mission. PACT responded launching an invasion force to control Versta before the Alliance. This ended with the Incident at Versta, in which Versta ended under PACT's control after a successful invasion.